Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Does this mean I should work in a museum?

I saw this personality test on Sarahcool's blog and thought I'd give it a shot.  It's pretty accurate except for the part that says something about me being a daredevil.  That may have  been true in the early days, but anymore, I won't chew gum while walking briskly because I'm afraid I might choke on it.  I'm not exactly risk-ay in that way.  ;)  I posted my whole descriptive here so you can see how thorough it gets, but don't feel like you have to read it in its entirety(unless you simply MUST study up on the Shan before our next get together).  I just thought you'd like to see what you get for your test taking troubles.  Please come back and let me know if you took this yourself because I want to know what kinda crazy's I'm dealing with that read my blog.  Barhar.  Click on this Personality DNA and see what you get!

P.S. I'm stuck in a non-capping font in case you were wondering.

you are a faithful curator.


about you

you are a curator

  • You are straightforward and real, down-to-earth, and have a healthy respect for order and stability. These attributes, complemented by your desire to be surrounded by things of beauty, make you a CURATOR.

  • You don't feel the need to try everything new that comes along – you know what you like and what you want.

  • You are a no-nonsense person, not someone who falls for pretensions.

  • Being strongly grounded in the here-and-now, you are practical and realistic about yourself and your life.

  • You find comfort and calmness in your habits and routines.

  • Although others might not know this about you, you strongly appreciate aesthetic qualities, noticing whether something is well-designed and stylish.

  • You have a refined sense of taste, and you want your environments to reflect your preferred style.

  • There are times when you feel insecure and vulnerable, even though you know deep down that you are a good person.

  • You aren't narcissistic – you allow yourself to be realistic about your positive and negative qualities.

  • You're not one to force your positions on a group, and you tend to be fair in evaluating different options.

  • You're not afraid to let your emotions guide you, and you're generally considerate of others' feelings as well.

  • Your sense of adventure is supreme - you're up for anything, anytime. Making plans in advance isn't necessary for you: you'd rather figure things out on the go.

  • You have a strong sense of style and value your personal presentation - friends may even seek your style advice from time to time.

  • You tend to believe that things happen for a reason, and that not everything is under our control.

  • If you want to be different:

  • It wouldn't hurt to indulge your imagination and creativity sometimes. These are skills like any other, and develop with practice, so try to carve out some time for them in your life.

  • Try to quiet your inner feelings of doubt – you will be more successful if you can overcome these worries and focus on your many strengths, such as your responsible and honest nature.

  • how you relate to others

    you are faithful

  • Your trust in others, respect for tradition, and caring nature make you FAITHFUL.

  • Maintaining a few intimate relationships is more important to you than knowing a lot of people, and you share a lot with your close friends.

  • Those who have managed to get close to you value your camaraderie, and they know that they can trust you with anything; you're a good listener.

  • While you can usually see several sides of an argument, you often have a strong opinion as to which side is correct—the order of things is usually clear to you.

  • Your perspective on the world is based on careful observation, and you know a lot about how people feel in—and react to—many situations.

  • Your exploration of others' feelings has led you to believe that although people generally act appropriately, having clear social rules is very important to a functional society.

  • Time alone for reflection is important to you—you are introspective and aware of your own feelings.

  • Faithful is as faithful does—you expect those with whom you are close to be loyal to you, and you take betrayal of your trust very seriously.

  • If you want to be different:

  • Some of the alternate perspectives that you understand may have more value than you give them credit for—keep in mind that right and wrong aren't always so clear-cut.

  • While you are able to reap the benefits of your time alone, and may see interacting with a lot of people as more tiring than exciting, remember that there is a lot to be learned from experiencing things and not just reflecting on them.


    Jamey Clayberg said...

    Looks like I'm a Generous Creator.

    Pretty accurate on the descriptive things, they have me a little less confident than I probably am (I'm full of myself with a sub-current of self-doubt.) So what happens when a Faithful Curator and a Generous Creator get together? Magic :)

    Shan said...

    Whoa that IS you-very nice. And there you go being generous again! Bahha, I guess that never really came up in my description did it? Dern, well at least I'm faithful with my stinginess and I take care of it well.
    FC + GC = RunDMC? Oh and magic too. ;)

    Jenna Jean said...

    Encouraging Director, that was my title. Had to run out of the house so I wasn't able to read all of mine yet. The little I read sounded good, though!

    dive said...

    I wanted to be a curator! No fair, Shan!
    My house is a mutant cross between a library, a museum and a recording studio and the stupid quiz made me a "reserved leader".
    What on earth that means I have no idea. I just want to curate.
    Sigh …

    Shan said...

    JJ- That makes perfect sense to me. You have a very discernible title that sounds just right. Does it say you are a perfect candidate for city planner or town mayor? Hmmm...I smell the Oval office in your future young lady-better watch your p's and q's! ;)

    Dive- Perhaps you are on the train too long to be a curator! You are supposed to be home taking care of your stuff if you want to properly curate. You are leading architectural innovation quietly from your desk in the big city. I'm afraid you are too ambitious for my title. :}

    MmeBenaut said...

    I'm going to have to come back tomorrow to read all of this honey child but I thought I'd just pop in to say "hi". So "hi!" More tomorrow 'cos I have to get some sleep now. xx

    Shan said...

    Hooray! Mme B. is home!! :D

    Scout said...

    Ah, I took this test year or two ago. it's amazing how these things can pin point your personality, huh?

    Sun-Kissed Savages said...

    "Your sense of adventure is supreme - you're up for anything, anytime.'
    So, is all this true? ;-) Heh.

    Sounds very appealing, to have such a personality. I love that they turn everything into a positive. We are all so different, yet so wonderful, right? *Ü*

    I'm a Benevolent Director. Interesting. Very interesting indeed-y. Kinda crazy-accurate.

    Deanna said...

    I was a benevolent experiencer? is that even really a word?

    MmeBenaut said...

    Well, I'm a "Concerned Leader"!! Nothing like doing a psych test at 3.30 in the morning when I can't sleep! Must be very concerned; either that or still operating on European time. Thought you'd be proud of me for doing the test.
    So fascinating to see what everyone is - I'm not surprised that you are faithful sweetie!

    Shan said...

    Scout, are you a Generous Creator like my hubby? There seem to be so many choices but they do seem pretty spot on for the most part.

    SKS: Actually that is the part I don't think I am but I translated in my mind as a brave skydiving type. That I AM NOT. Most the other stuff is quite true. I just read yours. Very interesting indeed. Your quote of me is funny because I don't sound terribly learn-ed. Heehee, But to keep it "real" I'm just happy to be quoted. :D

    Deanna! Bahha! I thought the same exact thing as I read your title!! Is that a verb?

    Mme B: 3:30! We must have been leaving comments to each other at the same time! I was going to say "Good morning!" in mine when I noticed the clock on your page. Oh, you MUST be so jet lagged! Dear dear. Well, your test sounds about right in title. I need to read the description now. xx

    Maria said...

    Interesting. I am a reserved dreamer....

    Anonymous said...

    ANIMATED ARCHITECT. I love it. Thanks for sharing this link. I enjoy these type of surveys/self-exploration tool kinda things.

    lynn said...

    I normally love these things but don't have the time now! A curator huh? Fun.

    Natasha said...

    Hi Shan!

    I think I'm a generous creator too:) I'd like to invite you to join us at, a website and community for women in our 50s who believe in living full lives by embracing transitions and changing with the times. We love making new friends, sharing new experiences and taking charge of our own lives. We'd love to have you join because you sure do sound like one of us!:)