Thursday, December 18, 2008

And they call it Puppy Love

Well, I have just had quite the scare from my serene young cat-dog this week! I noticed she was looking a little green around the gills yesterday morning as she robotically walked right by the scene of me giving her sister a treat, and barely managed to give us a slight courtesy glance.  This is highly unusual behavior for a Boss Hogg type of dog like Tulip.  Nothing goes down between Tiki (our well mannered pomeranian) and a human that Tulip doesn't try to intervene somehow-usually with her midsection poised atop Tiki's head if at all possible. 

But on this day OH DEAR!  My little poochie was sick! I immediately got down on the floor to begin asking her what was going on and how I could help her.  She stood, eyelids at half mast, like a pony at the fair just waiting to be reloaded with a bratty kid.  Then, as if loaded, she walked on with the same measured steps she'd been doing before, so I got up and followed. Steadily she walked all the way outside and down the stairs and then proceeded to do some throwing up.  Just as slowly, she walked all the way back inside only to repeat the process moments later with a bathroom trip.  It was strange to watch my normally spunky fast paced chi hoo hoo turn so serious (even polite) and just go about her illness as if having had trained for such times.  I watched in worried fascination. 

This time though she came back in and walked under the table and flopped over into a strange twist with her buns (haunches?) down and her ribcage turned all the way to the side and she started doing this slow twitch with front paws together at the wrist and her back legs stiffening out behind her each time she flinched her stomach muscles.  You can probably guess what happened next, but if you can't I'll tell you. Naturally, I burst into tears and thought Tulie was going to kick it!!  It was horrible!!  By the time I got myself dressed and ready to take her to the vet she was looking a little more relaxed and was able to get up in a chair and rest so I cooled my jets a bit.  
I was expecting company the whole day beginning with some friends of mine and ending with my nephews after school so I just kept my eye on Tulie for the rest of the day to make sure she wasn't going to do any more doggie Lamaze.  

She was somewhat better today but I took her to the Vet this morning to make sure she wasn't dehydrated.  He gave her a shot for her stomach pain and doggie antibiotics which were super fun to try to trickle down her throat by myself.  At one point in our wrangling, I noticed my mouth was right beside hers and I thought it would be funny if I squirted the chalky liquid in my own jowl accidently rather than hers.  Grodimus.

Can I make a story out of ANYthing or what, you ask?  Well, it scared me!!  I am not a brave pet owner when it comes to these things!  I can't even trim my dogs toenails because I made Tulip yelp once having clipped a nail too short.  And then of course, Tiki had some horrible bowel blowout earlier in the year which was one of my very first entries on my blog as I recall.  Canine Colon trouble always makes for good blog fodder don'tcha know???? 

And now, as a tribute to little Tulip, who is feeling ever so much better aside from some wicked gas.  I shall share with you a poem that came to me all at once as I curled up beside her one evening while she slept on my bed.  Now, I'm no poet.  I don't like poetry and I certainly don't claim to be able to write it seriously.  This just plopped out of my head like it was from the cosmos so I jumped up and wrote it down without giving it any second thoughts.  So don't mock me.  Or do, I don't care-baha.  This is copied from my old Myspace mini-blog.                      

a bedtime poem
Category: Life

I Laid Down With My Chihuahua 

I laid down with my Chihuahua and thought about the world.

She growled at me a little and I thought about the world.

It growls at me a little too and smells a bit as well.

I think about that big round world that turns and smells and growls.

And nestles itself down for sleep while half of it stands guard.

It guards itself against itself and yet still fails to win,

because it's hind leg wiggles up and gets bitten in the shin.

Yes, the world goes round and thinks it's tough but small it really is.

To the great "I am" it struts its stuff with Bravado and its kids.

We have no clue where we're to go just feel our way is right.

And, of course, the Master sees our plans and still kisses us goodnight.


      She is not just a dog in a vest after all....she is my muse!                                  


Trish said...

What a cute poochie! Love the poem too!

MmeBenaut said...

Oh, poor little Tulip! I'm so glad she is feeling better and that you can relax a little bit. I always freak out when one of the cats is sick and usually rush off to the vet, as I did on Wednesday with Sascha, only to be told that she appears to be perfectly well! $195 later, I was the one with the tail between my legs!
Your Tulie is almost as beautiful as you are Shan. You've a real twinkle in those gorgeous eyes of yours.

MmeBenaut said...

I forgot to say that the poem is rather sweet!

dive said...

Aaaaah, Shan, that is such a sweet poem (as Mme already said but it bears repeating), and I am so glad cute lil Tulip is on the mend.

Canine colon catastrophes do indeed make for great blog posts but they're not the most fun way to spend a day.
Here's hoping Tulip makes a full and rapid recovery.

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

icky icky, poor poochie
Wishes for a quick recovery!

Katie said...

Well that photo of you and Tulip just warmed me right up! Or maybe it's the red wine. But I did do an audible, "Awwwww" (not the more proper British "Aaaaah" that escaped from Dive's lips) upon seeing the photo. And how could you not write such a delightful poem with little Tulip as your muse! So sad to read about Tulips's little pre-holiday stress sickness, but I'm glad to hear she is feeling much better. Keep he away from the eggnog and gingerbread house!

lynn said...

Ohhhh best wishes to Tulip. Poor little thing, look at her itty bitty eyes all dropping at half mast. I need to cuddle her immediately. lol. I'm much more a dog person than a cat person as Mme will vouch, so I shall ignore that word in your intro. Brr.

Tally said...

Excellent, excellent poem. I always forget that you are a poet and it's a fun surprise every time you write something. :)

Poor precious Tulie!!! I'm so glad she's feeling better....

Sara said...

That poem, shannon! Well, it just brought a smile and tears. The thing about you is you keep pulling out the talents and they are all so top notch!!
Its scary when I pet is sick. I generally go to immediate detach mode and say things like 'I hate having pets. I hope it dies and just gets it over with and then we'll never get another pet'. Then when they start improving a make up a bed in the guest room and serve it crackers and 7-up.
Cute vest.

Sara said...

Why can't we edit our comments. Please excuse the misplacement of "I" and "a". Grrr.

savannah said...

aw, sugar! i hope she feels better and you, too! xoxo

Missy said...

Wow - your poem gave me chills. Mrs. McCurtain would have been proud of you. (Or did you have her? Regardless, she would have loved it.)

I hope your little Tulip is ok...

Shan said...

Thanks everyone! She's back to her regular bossy self and is snapping angrily at the much bigger dog we are housesitting! He just looks over at her like "Women." and totally blows her off. It's pretty funny.

And no. I'm still not a poet, but thanks for the kindnesses-haa haa. Sara, what are these talents you are referring to? And Missy, YES, I did have Mrs. McCurtain in High School. Her AP class was harder than the English classes I had to take at OU!! Sad though that I never learned how to use a semi-colon through it all (except for in winky faces of course. ;)