Friday, November 13, 2009

Talent Show: Day 3

I have a wicked laugh.

As the show goes on, you may be increasingly afraid of what we here at Bergville refer to as talent. Well, if laughing is not a talent it surely must be a creative outlet of some sort, because I've been changing it up for years! And my laugh has never really been considered mainstream. It has gone everywhere from Bahahaha(like Arnold on Happy Days but long morphed into breathy and fake sounding) to a brief equestrian period in high school in which I whinnied like a reared up horse and earning the nickname "Wildfire" from a close friend.

To this day, my chortle has become a veritable cacophony of glottal fricatives that occasionally even surprise me with their uniqueness. (Odd sentences are also a talent of mine.)

This was one such occasion. You have to watch all the way to the end which means enduring one of Dandy's T-rex moments also caught on tape. :}

What made me laugh was that I had just stepped onto and flattened Jamey's collection of paper boats that he had been ever so carefully lighting and launching into the water as you see in the video.

All I could do was laugh my "I'm soooorrrrrryyyy" the way I do when I find myself in a sudden pickle. Please enjoy-and remember to leave the hearty laughter to trained professionals such as myself to avoid harm. ;)


Jamey Clayberg said...

Haaa, your laugh lights up our world, it truly is a talent!

Bekah said...

You made me laugh too! :-)

Katie said...

That laugh is just TOO much! Thanks for sharing that unguarded moment with us.

dive said...

Oh me, oh my!
That's a laugh that is impossible not to join in with, Shan.
It reminded me a little of Fawlty Towers and Basil's description of Sybil as having a laugh like "somebody machine-gunning a seal."

Fifi said...

Shan your laughter and your larny words crack me up ...... you must have been on stage at some time of your life!!!! and.... perhaps still are ......

Scout said...

Oh, funny! I can hear the remorse.

"glottal fricatives" is an amazing phrase. You win the prize with that one.

Tabbitha said...

Jamey said it best :) I LOVE your laugh, Shan. It's one of a kind! And I loved Jamey's gentle way of dealing w/Dev. Such a sweet little family that I love :)

savannah said...

great laugh, sugar! and great YOU! thanks for your support and prayers. xoxoxox

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MmeBenaut said...

Sweet! Even the lovely laugh :)