Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Did I forget to share my meat cake with you?

Shame on me and my big fake fingernails!

One of the fun things that happened (and I documented) during the hoobity whatie part of the holidays was Santa's (and Trisha's) Magical X-mas party. Oh yes, it was DElightfully tacky. I'm suddenly feeling likewise myself just now posting about last year's fun here on this mid January day in 2 ot 10. BUT, still I want to share these olden times with family and friends who might have missed out, and of course future me who won't remember any of it very very soon.

I made a progressive photo log of the "Christmas cake with a smack of ham" that I contributed to the party. I thought it would be kind of fun to see it come about in pictures.

  • FIRST, I lined the tree shaped cake pan with crustless flattened white bread. (I seem to have forgotten this photo so I'll leave a space and you can mentally squish and press the bread to your liking.)

  • Next I smeared 4 cans of deviled ham(a little gelatinous for my taste) evenly on the bread and up the sides.

  • Then I lovingly placed olive loaf slices atop the canned ham continuing on in the tree shape.
  • Next I topped the compressed lunchmeat with a sizable bowl of homemade chicken salad. This part I would happily eat.

  • Once I got that smeared around, I smashed another layer of white bread on top like so...

  • With much anticipation, I then turned that sucker of a sammy right over onto a foil lined tray. It was nothing short of albino splendor. See if you agree.

  • Once that was all done, I "iced" the colourless conifer with cream cheese and "trimmed" it with celery and festive radish ornaments(that hubby styled whimsically with a knife).

  • And BOOM goes the dynamite! All it needed now was generic Ruffles and a Twilight plate!
Here it is joining T's corndog casserole, the classic Ants on a log and Dorothy's clear jello among other tastefully tacky treats.

So there you have it!

I hope you plan on making a holiday meat cake at your next gathering! It's just as easy as putting on pantyhose if you have the right shape to smash it into! I also have a Big Bird and Bugs Bunny shaped cake pans (funny what you find when you uproot your cabinets) just begging to ham it up for your guests!

Enjoy! You know we did! Thanks for all the fun Trishie!


Ellen said...

So beautiful, yet so disgusting.

Shan said...

Trish and I, the cake, or both? ;)

Jamey Clayberg said...

As much as I love my Iron and Top Chef, your tree cake/sandwich and the Corn Dog Casserole were actually really good!

AfricaBleu said...

That was a fun, fun party, and your meat cake was yum-my.

"Meat cake"--ha, funny. Is that what you're going to start calling Jamey? It would be FAR better than "Shoo-shoo."

Maggie said...

You look hot in those boots, girlie! and the meat cake is... different? And WHAT is clear jello???

Sara said...

whooiiee, that made my tummy do some turns in the wrong direction. I'm not sure why since I usually love a good pickle loaf sandwich on white bread. Maybe it was the fake nails.

Katie said...

This "cake" recipe is awesome! How on earth do you come up with stuff like this? I need to get my mind out of hoity-toity "gourmet ghetto" Berkeley and try a recipe like this (she says as she has yet another dinner of peanuts and red wine). The party sounds like a total hoot (love the nails). If there's ever another party like this going on, maybe you can expand the guest list to your blogger buddies?!

dive said...

Woohoo! Now THAT'S what I call real American cuisine.
I'd happily cross the Atlantic for a slab of Meat Cake, Shan.

Scout said...

That's disgusting! But so very very clever. Did you concoct that mess all by yourself?

My dad used to buy pimento/olive loaf all the time. And deviled ham, come to think of it. But I don't think we ever mixed the two.

Tally said...

It's hilarious what I'll eat (and enjoy) when I don't know what's in it. Deviled ham??? What on earth??

You did such a FABULOUS job on that cake!!

Speaking of hams, didn't we have such fun? I wish we could do more crazy parties, but man, do they wipe me out! In fact I still can't imagine mustering the energy to take down all my tacky decor. I just want to move on and pretend it's not there. I mean, it's not in my way...

Anonymous said...
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