Friday, December 11, 2009

My Grandma's recipes are lethal

But, as they say..."Everything in moderation including moderation."

Perhaps I should warn people to take each tin slowly around curves. ;)

See you when the powdered sugar settles!


Jamey Clayberg said...

Ha ha... They knew how to do it, no pussy-footin around! Works for me.

Katie said...

OMG I'm coming to your house for the holidays! (Ok so I'm really going to NY to see my sister, but I'm going to tell her to buy all these ingredients -- we'll figure out what to do with them later!) There's gotta be fudge in here somewhere, right?

AfricaBleu said...

WHAT are you making? Shortbread for Bleu??? :)

dive said...

That's more sugar than I've eaten in fifty-one years, Shan. You guys are gonna be bouncing off the walls.

Shan said...

This will make:
- two batches of fudge(with two giant choco bars and a whole bag of choc chips in each!)

-probably two pans of buttermilk candy.

-I'm still missing some of the peanut butter bon bon chocolate but 1 batch of those. Each recipe crams two and a half pounds of powdered sugar into it-ha!

I had peanut brittle on the list but that may not happen.

Maybe for Cindy Bleu Who I could make some shortbread. I certainly have the butter and br. sugar to spare. :)

Scout said...

Fudge!!?? You making fudge?!?! May parents used to make it with marshmallow cream every Christmas.