Tuesday, January 29, 2008


*UPDATE* The dog in this photo is alive and mostly well being diagnosed with a case of Bloody Innards Majora(layman terms used)

I knew I was wanting to introduce you to the various creatures great and small that run about the house. What I didn't realize was that it would begin on a bit of a worried note. This is little Tiki pup our first family pet. She is a sweetie-poopie pom that we got about 7 years ago as a tiny fluff ball. Now she is more of a fluff square,unfortunately, as her girth has sort of made her resemble a fringed table from a standing view. She has always been a very obedient pooch and can actually do several tricks as long as treats are readily available.
Yesterday, however, when I opened the laundry room where my two dogs sleep, I found The Ticks covered in her own fowl and nasties so I kept her in there until I could get all my haz-mat gear prepped for the cleanup(small gag reflex). I was babysitting the little gipper that I keep three days a week and I just couldn't imagine where I could contain him happily while I cleaned up Tiki and myself. So there she stayed. Finally that evening My Saintly husband gave her a bath while I washed everything else in the room and raced off to bible study.
Assuming a clean dog was a well dog, I checked in with her this morning and she was neither clean nor well! I had to take her in right away for some bloodwork and other samplings. The Dr. said she had a super high red blood cell count and he wanted to keep her for fluids and meds. YIKES!
So now we sit waiting and worrying about our dear pooch. I'm trying not to think the worst will happen but I get misty knowing she's scared and sickly laying in a cage with an IV in her wrist. The vet said she might just have a bowel infection or she could possibly have cancer. I'm not terribly brave about these things so I'm praying we'll have good news tomorrow.


Tally said...

Poor poor little baby! I'm praying real hard!

sarah cool said...

Oh, sweet thing. I'm pray for your puppy - I know how it feels to have a sick pet!

On a lighter note, I'm excited to get to know you through your bloggy blog!!! :) :)

Three hour tour said...

So sorry to hear bad things about good pooches. On the other hand, nice blog space Shan. I just may have to set up shop here.

The Shan said...

Three hour tour~I knew if I built it you would come- HardeeHar. I had to squint my eyes at the picture until I made sense of who it was. Cutie baby btw.

All my other peeps!~ Yeah, for blogs! Now if I can just figure out all the other bits and remember not to be a quitter it'll be alright. :D

Tab said...

Sniffle, sniffle...I don't like these type of discoveries. I like it when everything moves along just fine. This never happens of course but I still like it that way. Jesus, please take care of Tiki. You love that puppy!

Koi said...

Oh, they really do become part of the family, our dogs. I don't think anyone would dare come near to help me clean off should I find myself covered in my owns "foul and nasties."