Monday, November 3, 2008

A late because I'm Shan(and Shan can) picture gallery from Halloween

This was supposed to be footage of the army dude getting his game face on for candy collecting but his little brother refuses to share the spotlight so we have this.  It is a rare moment in the day when either of my children aren't speaking.  It's usually all or nothing (nothing being sleep) for them both.  I realize, of course, I'm just getting my due.  My mom didn't call me Chatty Kathy just for fun back in the formative days.  Here's a little sample of how it is at my house: 

The actual trick-or-treating went much the same way for Dandy.  It was like a mosh pit of emotions for the little boy who didn't like not knowing how the whole evening was going to go.  Of course, any night where collecting candy is the main activity; it's usually gonna turn out pretty decent for a chappy with a sweet tooth.  
For Ratchet, it's really all about the costume and embodying the complete character.  He's out to convince the general public on Halloween that whatever he happens to be wearing is actually his full time job in the real world.  

And then there was the less convincing performance....

But seriously, who wouldn't root for this guy on the field? 

Here's one last shot of my little pumpkins begging for candy at their grandparents house.  We figured they were a sure thing when it came to MRE's and Gatorade.

And once the young had their cavity collecting done and the street grime and makeup washed away, we sent them off to dream of ghouls and goblins so that we could snack and laugh it up with friends.  OOH OOH AHH AHH!!!  Ah yeah, who's the goblin now?

 Apparently it was me, because even though I wasn't in costume, I had the Big Shan face out and was parading it around!  At least that's what my photos seem to project.  

Here's me meeting Sarah Palin in my own kitchen as she made her final campaigning rounds.  She really seemed quite smart and up on the issues when I met her. I was just pleased as punch to meet her.

After a while, and one costume change into a more comfy outfit, I realized Sarah P. had been my friend Trish all along!  She went the "trick" angle for sure-GAH!! 
She was ready for the press to leave her alone in this next picture, but I'd have nothing of the sort.  I don't have people over often and you are probably starting to see why.

I made my famous (though hideously fattening and even more hideous sounding) dried beef dip as one of my snickies. And Matt wasn't sure what he ate before discovering this mayonaise and sour cream heart clogging wonder.  Teehee- I KNOW MATT! I KNOW!

And finally here's a creepily lit picture of the master of the house, D.J. Jazzy Jamey.  He made the perfect musical compilation for our tiny Halloween mixer because that's his thang dawg!  Now, don't you cross him!  

Speaking of...the dude is waiting patiently in the other room for me to wrap this picture laden post on up!  And now, I'm all exclamation pointy about it, so I'd better scoot!!!  Take it easy YO!  


Tally said...
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Tally said...

WAWAWEEWA!!!! That was a HECK of a post!! First of all, that video is TOO MUCH! I just cracked up through the whole thing....Ratchet talking nonstop to J, and Dandy interjecting as much as possible...heeheehee. So cute and funny. The boys looked awesome in their get-ups. I esp. love that pic of them together at gma & gpa's house. Cool lighting and angle.
Secondly, I was DYING to see that pic of Palin and you. Your face IS priceless. Hahahaha. You showed just the right amount of exuberance in meeting one of your most revered politicians! I would have been just as excited had I been there....wink.
Thirdly, I do NOT remember anyone taking pics past that point!!!! OH MY WORD. I will pay you $5 to take that next one off! I also don't remember you wearing that shirt. And now I am starting to believe you about all the sleeping..... Sigh.
Lastly, I did so appreciate J's Halloween compilation too.

Thx 4 the good times, Shan!! You rock!!!

dan said...
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dean r said...

shannon! i can't wait to find you videoing and try and get my hand in the film!! ha ha, that is aweomse.

also i bet trish had the best accent since she's a michiganite. ha


Bekah said...

Looks like fun times! Loved the video and pictures!

Katie said...

Such fun! The video is hysterical and all the pictures are great. Your kids are adorable! Do they have any of their Halloween candy left? As a kid I always made sure so save some of my best pieces of candy to drag out long after my siblings had eaten all their candy. Man I was a little snot!

Jamey Clayberg said...

Ha ha, good times. I forgot Ratchet signed up for the special forces, I'm sure he'll do a bang-up job!

Jamey Clayberg said...

I also notice I'm wearing that shirt too much apparently! Ha (check the Cafe Momi pics)

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Great post, great pics!!
You have me laughing my tush off. LOVE the pic of Palin/ Trish! You Go GIRL!

(And, Shan, that last pic of you is just priceless. Too much nog, perhaps?)

Mom Keena said...

Hey you! I was in Siloam today, and drove by the dentist office where you used to work. Dr. Holcomb. Do you know that his daughter, Grayce, is in Bozeman attending Montana State University? She's been to church a couple of times. Nice gal! Small world!

dive said...

Oh, my, Shan.
The boys look fantastic but I must say your friend Trish has the scariest Halloween outfit I've ever seen.