Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Tale of Two Parties

Eeks!  How is it I remember blogging about something that happened BEFORE I ever had a blog!  Are blogs like cell phones and Diet coke now?  We can't seem to remember how we did things before they came along?  I can almost swear I blogged about Dandy's birthday party last year because it was a crazy day where I gave his party and attended two others plus an entire parade!!!  That was a day etched in my mind and my camera!  I must have emailed my tales to people before blogging because I put those events together somewhere.  I just know it.  

Well, anyway, I'm going to try to push past this and do a little compare/contrast with my birthday boy's 5th and 6th  parties now that I'm actually blogging outside my mind.  I am right?

OK!  So.  Dandy, our little party planner extraordinaire, likes to plan his birthday celebrations well in advance.  We've known all year, for instance, that his number six party would be a "blue" party with an underlying "Thomas the Tank Engine" theme.  Easy enough, we made it so.  

Here we have things like: blue rice krispy treats, blue chips, gummy bears and m&m's in blue, blue dip for the non blue veggies, blue chocolate dipped pretzels(not pictured because I forgot to get them out), blue filling in the non blue tortillas, white cheese and white cheese dip ( I just didn't have the heart to soil the cheese dip after everything else was doused in food coloring.) 

And then we had the Thomas cupcakes, stickers and gifts to round out that portion of the theme.
Yes, he was one happy party host, walking around handing out spoons and stickers with a most hospitable air.  There was no room for blue moods by the time this party started.

We had trains coming and going for engineers young and old to busy themselves with.

And my sweet sister-from-another-mister, Arlynda and her family even came up from Tulsa!  :D  (We have always been twin-like in our looks and sillies.  HI ARLY!)

What I have failed to mention or picture in this happy go lucky post is that while everyone was blueing it up heartily, slowly the children were dropping like flies.  Two kids left early with stomach aches (NOT caused by my colored food-I promise!), and then one of my nephews fessed up to his tummy woes but couldn't bring himself to leave while the leaving was good.  About an hour later.....we saw the party again....all..over.. the..floor.  Yep, after so carefully keeping the fluorescent punch in restricted areas away from the carpet-- hurl happened.  And it wasn't train colored.  

Did I say up there I was going to compare and contrast two parties?  Do YOU have all day to read this blog entry?  Did you check out after the first picture realizing this is just another had-to-be-there post?  That's what I figured.  And I'm supposed to be washing my dogs for Thanksgiving travels!! That is, no doubt, the reason I'm still here. 

Ok, instead of changing the title of this post (which would be the logical choice),I'll just show you what last years party looked like so I can say I included it.  It was quite the Festivus of Verdis if I do say so myself.  Which would you rather eat (or hurl)?  Green or Blue?   

As you can see, our adorable Dandy is a colorful chap at any age!  Happy birthday big D!  I'm hearing talk of Red and Orange for next year so we shall see. We shall see. 
Have a great week and Holiday weekend everyone! I may not see you for a while! 


Suzanne said...

Look at you. Amazing. Fun times that he will never forget. So...was your carpet permanetly died blue?

dean r said...

ooooh i love geting to see both, and didn't love so much the kid throwing up story. ugh.
anyway, great job shan!!! see you this weekend.

Shan said...

Hey Suzanne, I knew we paid extra for that Stainmaster stuff for some reason. YES! but it was half on my old wood parkay entry way and half on the carpet so I hope it doesn't come back to remind us some steamy summer day. ;) The ramen noodles from his lunch made it especially interesting upon cleanup though, I must say. heh heh

Sorry Dean for that additional vomit talk. I'm not as polite on here as I am on facebook. Bahahaha. Can't wait to see your travelin' face soon!

Maria said...

Oh. Dear. You really put me to shame. I mean, for Liv's birthday, she is allowed to invite a friend over for dinner.....

Shan said...

No Maria. You put ME to shame every time you invite people over for dinner so casually when you meet them. I only do snacks. I can do a world of snacks but main dishes stress me heartily for entertaining anyone over the age of 12. I should be a tapas party hostess perhaps. :)

Katie said...

Man I so want to have an all green birthday!! I like the green so much better than blue, and it's not just because I'll forever be haunted by the image of little kids puking blue stuff all over your carpet. Loved this post (you're such an awesome Mom!!), and now I'm bummed that you'll be away for the holidays! And why are you reading this, you need to go wash the dog! Ok, have a fabulous Thanksgiving and we'll catch back up soon!

Shan said...

Aw shucks Katie. Thanks for saying that about my momhood. I sure feel called to mothering more than anything else I've ever tried. Dang I love those little dudes! Don't get me started!!

Ok, I've gathered myself. And now back to the thrill of folding laundry and packing up to go to my Mo and Do's. The dogs are fresh and ready to hit the road! Of course I'm not leaving until Thanksgiving eve so I don't exactly have a foot out the door yet. Enjoy potato duty KT! :D

dive said...

Yay for blue hurl!
These wonderful parties bring back so many memories of college food-colouring parties, Shan. Making that stuff is such fun but actually putting it in your mouth is harder than it looks.
And that train set is AWESOME!
Dandy sure is a lucky guy.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Tally said...

Boy, Dive sure said it about it being easier than it looks! Haha! I think I did pretty well tho, and the pretzels were my favorite blue thing. Yaaaaaaaaay for Dandy turning 6!!!! He's so precious!!!

I just LOVE that someone blew BLUE chunks!!!!!!!! Hahahhahahhahaha!

But I am sorry about your carpet. :(

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!XOXOXO

Jamey Clayberg said...

You did it up blue style, lady, the dewd had a great time, he got to be star of the show and just loved it. I heartily agree on the great Mom talk, you are fabulous and the boys are blessed to have you! XO

Shan said...

Dive: A friend and I had our first blue party back in college and he continued it every year for a total of six or so after that. We mostly just decorated in blue and wore official t-shirts that he would have printed up. I remember trying to dye popped popcorn with blue and it didn't go so well!
You're so right about it being hard to eat the fake colors-heehee-but I can't resist going whole hog on a theme once it gets started. Happy non-Thanksgiving to you!! :)

Trisha you WERE such a sport to sample the food. Don't think I didn't notice what lengths you will go to for me-HA. :D Hope you find some good holiday fun this weekend too. xoxo

And thanks sweet hubby. It was so worth the work when Dandy's little face lit up and stayed that way for the whole party wasn't it? xx

Fifi said...

mmmmm I think I prefer the blue.That green is really bright!!! Looks like you went to alot of trouble on both occassions. Well done!

MmeBenaut said...

Happy Birthday Dandy boy!!

Well, I'm partial to green rather than blue Shan, but all that effort with food colouring obviously was too tempting for some!

Next year, I'm thinking rainbow - so you can include all the colours???

Happy Thanksgiving sweetheart to you and Jamey and your little "dudes". xxx

RoverHaus said...


Can you plan my next birthday?

Sorry for all the cleanup you had to do, but this really is funny.

So what's on for next year? Can I come?

savannah said...

what a col birthday party, sugar! happy belated to your boy, dandy! too cool, dude! xoxox

lynn said...

What an exciting table! I really fancy those healthy dips.

Missy said...

Blue puke? Yikes...

You are THE WOMAN, dude. Seriously. Look at how perfect everything looks. I can't even begin to measure up to those kind of standards. I bow to you.

Scout said...

Dandy is such a great name, and I really love the Thomas cake. Very clever.