Monday, August 31, 2009

A Vegas sized post

Most of what happened in Vegas is very clearly going to stay there because I have waited way too long to make it any kind of pertinent news to my poor neglected readers. As many of you know, I've never really had an elephant sized memory, so if it weren't for photos, much of our trip would have no doubt sloughed out with the altitude change in the airplane. Fortunately for us(that's what your feeling right?) I was armed with my camera and will now present my findings in a series of pics and videos.

We had just one full day to get an eye full of Vegas because the other two days were eaten up with travel and plane delays. We got there late Tuesday and I quickly got my fix of gambling done with one major losing session. That's five dollars I'm just never going to get back-sniff.

Here is where I retreated after losing my lunch money in those stupid blood sucking slot machines. Marble floors and free upgrades are very consoling. The bidet, not so much.

The next day when we finally got up and out we spied these things:

fountains and casinos....

Lady Liberty and an inner city roller coaster...

Idols of all kinds..

Food for a very hungry JC...

olives for me Me ME!
Chocolate fountains...
mosaics a-plenty(for Katie)...

Chihuly glass for Dean...

escalators for Trisha...

night life for the rest of you(to keep the post length down-you understand.)

and one well celebrated birthday girl!
Thank you Sweetheart for such an exciting adventure!
And Happy 13th Anniversary to us today!!! I feel like the big winner here whether Vegas agrees or not!! :D XoxOXo


wordlily said...

Happy anniversary!

Scout said...

Aw, that last bit was so sweet.

I have never been to Las Vegas, and I hate the idea of it. Husband really likes the place, though, so I'm afraid I'll end up there at some point. Your photo tour helps make it seem tolerable.

And did you really only put $5 in the slot machines? hee hee

Shan said...

Thanks Word!

Yes Scout, I could tell right away from those nickel slot machines that I was not going to have any sort of gambling Mojo. I guess this is one time where the quitter in me comes in quite handy. :)

I confirmed this trip that I am not a desert gal. There just aren't enough colors in Nevada's or Arizona's landscape for me. The strip was fun to see and the heat was actually A-OK as well. I am a little bit of a lizard in a dry heat. Not much sweating just a sort of broiler effect.

Jamey Clayberg said...

You forgot "22!" I had a blast with you lady, really good times, I wouldn't want to see the mummified veins of a small mans arm with anyone else! You were the prettiest lady in town xoxox

Shan said...

I DID didn't I? Probably because I didn't snap a picture of him. DOH! That would make a pretty good post all by himself. heh heh I didn't mention the Bodies exhibit either. So much undocumented material that had to stay in Vegas.

MmeBenaut said...

Happy Anniversary Shan and Jamie!
I loved this tour Shan; loved the videos of Caesar's ceiling and lobby and the Chihuly glass but most of all I loved seeing both of you looking so happy together. What an incredible birthday treat; makes my quiet dinner party for my 40th look positively boring. You look absolutely stunning in that dress too Shan. I'd like to borrow a few things from your wardrobe!

Katie said...

Such fun seeing the videos (especially that cool curvy escalator!) and getting a little glimpse of the fun you and Jamey had in Vegas. I really must go for a visit, if for no other reason than to see all the mosaics, and visit the Eiffel Tower! Thanks for (finally!) sharing this with us! I agree with MmeB that a raid of your closet would be lots of fun!

savannah said...

lovely pictures, sugar! happy anniversary to you and jamey! xoxox

Bekah said...

So Jason and I are thinking about doing Vegas for our 15yr anniversary, what would your insight suggest, yes or no?
Other options:
California Wine Country
New York
What do you think?

dive said...

Wowee, Shan! What an absolutely spectacular thrill ride.
Thank you so much for that.
Belated Happy Anniversary wishes to you both.
I must say that the photo of you and Jamey as Donny and Marie has to be one of the best and funniest things I've ever seen on a blog.
You guys rule!

Maggie said...

That looks like an awesome trip. I've never been to Vegas but have always wanted to go! Your pictures make me want to go even more now!

Happy Anniversary!