Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Jamey and our middle schooler Ratchet have been plotting, planning, and preparing (for nearly a year now) the movie they've wanted to make with all the cousins. We needed to get the filming in before school(and puberty and such) so we decided to have a two day movie making extravaganza!
Here are a few behind the scenes looks into the making of FUZION WARRIORS.

In this first scene, "Little Chef" has cooked up some scary looking alien grub and the warrior clan will be filmed giving their various reactions to the strange new cuisine.
Naturally, Jamey will be adding all kinds of computerized awesomeness to transform my chaotic kitchen into pure movie magic. (Why can't we do this everyday?!)

Here's another sneak preview from the next day's filming. The scene about to be shot is in the Fuzion Warrior's hangout where they really get down to business, or just really get down depending on the danger level present.

Now, don't YOU feel safer knowing the Fuzion Warriors are on the scene?
I know I do. And I'll be sure to be at the premiere when this baby opens.

This movie is not yet rated.


Katie said...

These clips are so fun Shan! I can't wait to see the final Fuzion Warriors movie. So will there be mimes in the movie, or was that just a stress-relieving activity?

dive said...

I only hope the space dining room scene doesn't turn out like the one in Alien!
Hee hee for FUZION warriors enjoying their spare time activities.
Brilliant, Shan!
I can't wait to see the finished movie, but especially your "Making of" documentary.

Maggie said...

OMG this looks like so much fun! What a super fun way to hang with your kids! And so creative!

Can't wait to see the finished product~

Missy said...

How fun - I can't wait!

Shan said...

Katie- I hadn't seen the miming before or since so I'm not really sure what that particular exercise was for. I think there's always a chance the FZW will land on a planet where miming is their only way of communicating with each other though. ;)

DIve-We decided not to go for the complete bloodbath horror since there are child actors involved. The only red that will show is in the "jelly" as you call it and the Boston Baked Bean bumpy looking candy props "Little Chef" cooks up.
SEE! Kids ARE fun. I know, I know, they're fun when they are far far away from you. heh heh

Mags and Miss- It is kind of you to be supportive. We realize we are a strange bunch who don't play enough sports. It's the Sci-Fi Neeurd in each of us that just can't be entirely repressed. Thanks for being my friend anyway-teehee.:)

AfricaBleu said...

Regarding the second video: I can't comment about careers as actors (since we haven't seen a scene yet), but I can say that the kid with the pink/red hat may well have a shot on Dancing With the Stars, your fella needs to be enrolled at your alma-mater Clown Academy, since he was ALL up in the miming-scene, and it did my heart good to see the rebirth of the Macarena by your nephew--and they say this generation is lost!

Jamey Clayberg said...

ALL BOW TO THE POWER OF THE FUZION WARRIORS. And don't forget to check for the release of this (tee hee) spectacular new sci-fi masterpiece.

MmeBenaut said...

Great Shan and actors and director. My you have a steady hand but that in and out zooming is weird.

You two are such wonderful parents!

Scout said...

Oh my. I love the Fusion Warriors' dance moves—very smoooth. Are there no girl cousins?