Friday, June 18, 2010

Smelly souvenirs

HELLO fellow bloggists! I have a lot of nerve calling myself a bloggist when I barely check in here these days. But I like to feel included so there it is.

I'm far too behind to update anyone on my goings on, but Jamey is home from a three day trip to Kansas City with his job and I wanted to show you what he made while he was there.

He attended a workshop and a seminar or two given by some well known designers. One of the speakers was a favorite of his, Tim Biskup. Jamey has been a fan of his for a while and took a small book of TB's designs to have him sign. Needless to say he LOVED the talk and the autograph complete with drawing Biskup added to Jamey's book!

Another designer he met gave a workshop where they made these beautiful flowers.

Matthew Sporzynski is a paper artist who's work regularly appears in Real Simple magazine. You should scroll through some of his stuff on that last link if you have time. He can make ANYTHING out of paper!! Jamey said his huge personality alone was worth experiencing-pure entertainment.
This project came from an ad prop he produced for a perfume made from whatever flower this is (I'm sorry I don't do thorough journalism). Jamey forgot what it is called. Geranium maybe?
Anyway, Mathew S. allowed each flower made in the workshop to be squirted with this $600 essence of flower of some sort perfume. It smells very real!

And then they made little window boxes to keep them in.
He brought it home to me as a gift! Isn't that C-U-T-E?

And a MUCH nicer treat than the souvenir he took for himself from the trip which was a mixed media display of hurl-your-guts-'till-your-ribs-hurt food poisoning.
Not cool, Mongolian Barbeque!
"Welcome home Sweetheart! Hey, why so green?"
"Oh, you know, art workshops...yurp".
"Riiight." :~{

So hubby is back and feeling better and we are off to a great summer. Hope yours is full of creativity and you blog about all your adventures! I'll be checking in on you!


savannah said...

i think the flower is a gardenia! lovely gift, sugarpie! and glad he's home and y'all are back blogging. xoxoxox

Shan said...

GARDENIA!! I'll bet that's it! He said it started with a "G" and was one we've all heard of. :D Thanks Savannah! xoxoxoxox

Scout said...

What a beautiful flower. And the designer weekend sounds like a lot of fun.

Tally said...

Haha, I knew that flower was a gardenia right away but as soon as you said geranium I couldn't think of it for the life of me!! Thanks, Savannah. That would have bugged me forever!

Anyway, you know how awesome artists and their artwork makes me angry and my stomach hurt. I took one look at these pictures and thought, "Uh oh, here we go." Shannon!! How does Jamey even stand these workshops??? I'd be beside myself! I could just drink in that Tim guy's stuff!! And the paper art...forget it! I was all over that! Lucky you, to get such a wonderful treat from hubby's trip. :)

I'm sorry he got food poisoning. And Mongolian BBQ is typically so delicious. Boo. :( I wonder if anyone else on the trip got it....

Shan said...

Yes Scout, even I would have liked that trip as far as the workshop and speakers went. They have certainly gone on the typical "learn this new filing system" trips that sound more like the work that it is. :)

Trisha! Good job on almost naming the flower. I knew what a geranium looks like and was skeptical of this guess but couldn't think of any other common g flowers after that. I want to be an artist when I see the Tim Biskups of the world too. I just know I have untapped art genius in me somewhere!
As far as the sickness goes, one of the girls had a stomach ache but wasn't as sick as Jamey. They had both eaten the pork only he ate only pork and lots of it and she only had a tiny bit so that's what they came up with. He said it didn't taste as delicious as he was expecting. Dear dear.

Maria said...

So lovely.And I adore gardenias. My favorite scents in flowers are lilies and gardenias. They are just....decadent.

Suzanne said...

How fun a workshop for him, glad he's feeling better, how miserable for him.

Petrea said...

You know, Shan, you are a scream.

MmeBenaut said...

Poor Jamey. I do love the flower all boxed up. Must be nice to have your big boy home again.
I'm not much of a blogger either at the moment, mainly because it is the middle of winter and I've not been out much with my camera. That and Auntie's broken hip; I need a holiday!