Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The nose knows what time it is

Don't let me startle you showing up blogside unannounced. I just thought I'd jot down an observance I made while going over some photos from a recent family trip.
I took a few of the usual "See, look, we've left the house!" pics of the various things we saw and experienced while on our getaway to Big Cedar.(BEAUTIFUL place, by the way.)

But now I'll deviate to the less predictable but palpably deeper reason I'm here.

Upon checking the pic my mom took of the hubby and myself, I happened to notice my nose had taken a stronger role on my face than it normally does. In the first photo I chalked it up to indiscriminate posing but then it went on to repeat its flared looks in each shot to follow. I'm not sure what this means. I don't even think it seems bigger than usual in that way that people say your nose keeps growing as you age. I just found it to be more nostril forward.
(I've got flare)

I wonder why my face is morphing before my eyes- under my eyes. I didn't feel I was the least bit stressed or strained, fatter or thinner than I was a smooth-nostriled couple months ago. It was simply as if I now found the world to be just a tiny bit stinkier than before. And you know what? Maybe. I. do.

Now, what about you? Is your nose behaving? Have you glanced in the mirror recently and seen a droopy eyed sharp shnozzed guy or gal gazing back? Perhaps there are two of you now?

Maybe this is just what forty-two looks like for me without the use of daily moisturizer. I rather hoped I'd age like a fine cheese since I eat so much of it, but apparently I'm taking a more of a Pete's Dragon approach to the decades ahead. Hey, at least I've got some tufted pink hair in my future! Now, off to practice my harmless quizzical look.

Smell you later,


**For more titillating topics like this, join me next time when I ponder visibly whether or not my newly bending pinky finger keeps bending.


Scout said...

"Smell you later." hee hee

I actually think I have a cute nose, but I can flare my nostrils at will. Stop that or your face is going to freeze like that.

dive said...

Forty-two on you looks like twenty-eight on most women, Shan.
How lovely to have you back in Blogville. Keep popping in to see us.
Nice to see Jamey again, too.

And yes, I can confirm that Robyn does indeed have a cute nose, or at least she did the last time we met in London.

Petrea Burchard said...

Oh, Dive is right, you are so cute. I think I was cute at 42--in fact, now that I think of it, I was smokin' hot.

Noschid. I was. (That's my WV.)

Aaron and Sara said...

You and your nose issues. Its a fine nose on a FINE lady!!! I like that your writing again. Miss you!