Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bear Grylls vs. blue suede hiking shoes

Ratchet should be shaking a leg at school today in hopes of landing the part of Elvis in their fifth grade musical review scheduled for next month.  He's half hearted about the whole thing because there are no big speaking roles-just music, music and more music.  Apparently he prefers acting to singing though he did do both in last years production of  'Santa's Ho Ho Ho Down' (or something to that effect), where he enjoyed a little taste of fame after playing the Bearded One himself with a full bellied chortle and ad-libbed dance jig that surprised and thrilled the audience toward the end of the show.  

This year, the only part that interests him is the Elvis number.  So, as any scary stage mom would, this morning I made him show me what he was going to do at the audition.  Nonplussed by the idea of becoming Elvis in his own kitchen at breakfast time, he stood there and dutifully sang 'Teddy Bear'.  Well, this wouldn't do as you can imagine, so I  was forced to get up and show him the wide legged bent kneed stance he was going to need to pull off a believable impression.  After seeing his mother gyrating around in the kitchen with arms quaking out to the sides, his skepticism about my Elvis knowledge increased.  What else were we to do than consult the all knowing Youtube for a proper instructional on The King.  I think Ratchet was surprised to find Elvis doing many of my same actions only in such a way that they didn't really look so redonkulous coming from him.  I can't imagine.  I guess we'll see soon enough how it all turns out.  I told him that in a class of 300 or so kids, there were bound to be a few good Elvis impersonators, so he'd better bring his "A" game for the ladies in the room.  I told you I was scary. 

Speaking of characters we pretend to play. Yesterday we took a picnic dinner and went on a short woodsy hike outside of town to get a feel for the new "Outdoorburg" persona we are working on this year.(It doesn't come entirely naturally for some of us.) While waiting on our wandering leader who was going ahead for a quick check, I made Ratchet do his Man vs. Wild-Bear Grylls impression for me.  Because he was in serious hiker mode, he didn't really get into it as he sometimes does. But you'll get the idea.  Be careful with the volume though as Dandy does some impromptu yelling at the beginning and I'm not exactly quiet in stage mom mode myself..  

Life is a stage you know.  A tick infested stage.


AfricaBleu said...

Hehe, I am so proud of you, getting in the wild woods like that. Isn't it funny that your fearful wilds look an awful lot like my backyard? ;)

Loved the boy's accent, and I wait in anticipation to hear how the audition went--he has MY vote.

Adelia said...

"Redonkulous" has made it into my kids vocab. So funny to here them say that word!

Yay, for getting out into the thick of it! This house is a devoted fan base to Bear Grylls! Quite impressed with the impersonation!! :-D

I'm sure he'll bring he's A game! Best of luck!!!!!

Tally said...

Now, if I recall, 2008 was the Year of Intelligence. I don't remember you dubbing this year anything special, but maybe I missed the announcement....Year of Outdoorsyness. What has gotten into you??? I must admit, I feel inspired.

I also feel inspired to video stuff again.

I love Dandy yelling top volume, "Don't get lost!!!" Hahaha! What a sweet concerned little brother.

cari said...

Oh, we love Bear Grylls--never know what that guys is gonna eat!

Looks like fun! I love the idea of the Year of "somethin'"!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Shan said...

Hee hee. Thanks girls. He didn't have the Elvis tryout yesterday after all. It was for speaking parts and he forgot to go when he was supposed to so he missed that all together. DOH! He was trying not to get sad about it when he told me. Poor fella. So I guess it's half hearted Elvis or nuttin. :)

It did look like your backyard Bleu. I prefer your front yard still. (And forever!)

Adelia- Your outdoorsyness has sure been awesome lately! "Redonkulous" is one of Jack Black's words and I find it much more fun to say. :)

Trisha I posted that video fully realizing it wasn't very interesting to many-and that did remind me of our dull home movie talks. HEE Oh well.

Trisha and Cari: I realized a fur piece into my year that I never proclaimed it to be anything. I will do NO MORE blatant "Smartification" but I hope to soak in a little naturally. And on the topic of natural....

YES! YOU GOT IT! I'm trying to be more of a sport outdoors for the boys sake. Also, I'm trying to mentally gear up for camping for several nights up in Illinois when we visit Jamey's Grandma in July. Deep breath! Gulp!

Cari: I think it's FINANCIAL FITNESS year for you(and hopefully me too) with Lifechurch's inspirational D.R. series this year. Sounds like you've got it going on already!!

Scout said...

Very clever. Nature doesn't come naturally to me either.

Jamey Clayberg said...

Bear's got nuthin on the "Burgs," we ate those flat sandwiches, WOW, crazy. Ha ha.

MmeBenaut said...

I just love the story of the shaking knees Elvis impersonation and then the education via youtube. Hee, hee. I would have loved to have seen the look on Ratchet's face!

And the video - I squealed with delight at hearing your voices. I loved Ratchet's exploring the possibilities of being in the "wild" and then Mom just checking on Dandy to see that he was safe while she was encouraging her older boy to use his imagination. You are a super mother Shan and it is so healthy to take the boys outdoors. A real lesson in bush survival tactics would be fascinating for them to learn too one day.
Thank you sweetheart for sharing your lives with us. xxx

Fifi said...

Hahahaha.. LOVE the vid!

Sara said...

I watched the video before I read the blog and I was like "WOW..ratchet has some crazy southern accent going on...wait, a little australiany..uhh" and then I read it! Ha!
That was a cute, cute video!

Maria said...

I did the same thing...watched the video first and I kept thinking that I had no idea that y'all sounded so so so Australian.

Suzanne said...

I'm not a natural outdoorsy girl myself. Hope your little man gets the part. You are such a breath of fresh air.

RoverHaus said...

The best line of the clip?

"What horrible thing will we have to eat on our journey?"

A classic in the making, to be sure.

MmeBenaut said...

I think Maria got it wrong. You don't sound the least bit Australian! Happy May Day sweet Shan!