Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday in the big town

I've got a few tidbits to share before I head off to bed and lose it all.  I want to remember this day and the simple pleasures it gave me before I sleep and it becomes, well, yesterday. 

This morning, a.k.a. trash day, I planned to position myself at the window in clear view of the can at the curb outside.  This was not hard for me as I am usually at this window enjoying 1-3 cups of coffee and the company of my computer friends most a.m.'s.  My plan was to watch the "waste team" as they came across the poster board you may or may not remember from Ratchets cowboy b-day party.  It looks a little something like this:

And it was sitting next to the black can waiting to be disposed of.  Now, I ask you, what regular human could resist picking up this poster with an adult sized hole sitting atop a goofy picture and NOT immediately put their head through it?  It just isn't done.  Knowing this and hoping not to be disappointed, I carefully peeked out the window.  There were two guys there hanging from the back of the truck so I was encouraged.  Then the one closest to the curb hopped off and methodically went for the can, first tossing the top bags until it was lighter and then lifting the whole can in.  Then, still lacking enthusiasm, he grabbed the extra stuff including the poster board and tossed it all into the back of the truck.  

"Wait."  I thought, as he looked at what he'd just thrown.  Then YES, he pulled the stiff board back out of the trash and popped it right onto his head to show his partner!  I thrilled as I watched them smile at each other.  I kept watching and sure enough, the first dude wore the thing around his head until the next stop where he proceeded to get out and stand perfectly still, hands supporting the sides of the picture until the driver of the truck noticed him! Finally, after giving him a good look and laughing with the buddy in back, he jogged around to the passenger side of the trash truck, opened the door and tossed in the poster for safe keeping.  I LOL'ed and clapped with glee inside my house knowing Jamey's silly poster will live on another day.  It was so fun giving those dudes a little lift in their stinky stanky Thursday run.  I sighed thinking that was really all I needed to happen today. Then, I instantly wondered what we could do next week to surprise our hard working trash getters.  Maybe it was a one time thrill for us all. I supposed a live possum surprise wouldn't thrill as much as frighten/annoy, so that big guy under the house may have to wait.  Whatever the case, it was good not-so-clean fun on this particular morning. 

After school, my boys and I went to the park and enjoyed the perfect Spring day.  There is a creek running along beside it and they both took off their shoes and waded through until their feet were bright pink and nearly frozen.  I sat on a rock at  the edge of the water like the lizard that I am, and just soaked in all the Lithium my brain could process.  Dude, what a rush.  Dandy, normally physically challenged by any new terrain, was amazing as he took to the cold rocky surface like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings.  He had all fours down at several points, but kept this determined look mixed with wonder on his face as he maneuvered the rocks awkwardly with his bony tender frame.  After about 45 minutes, he announced from the middle of  the stream that he wanted to stay there[with his Precious]forever.  Baha.  The sunshine was affecting us all apparently.

When it was almost time to get back home for dinner, Ratchet decided to ride his bike up the hill toward home and Dandy stayed for one last hurrah on the playground.  While The D was messing about, we ran into one of Ratchet's favorite teachers of all time (from Kindy and first grade).  We rarely see her but have been following her blog and praying for her as she has been battling cancer for over a year, and has been a huge inspiration to hundreds of people she's encountered along the way.  

Her daughter took this picture of us today and she put it up on her blog just for my big boy to see and to leave a special message to him.  It pained me to hug her goodbye as the doctors have given her only a couple months and I wasn't sure we'd get to experience her delightful personality and smile again this side of heaven. If the Lord chooses to heal her and keep using her to his glory on earth, there will be a huge celebration of this wonderful lady, no doubt.  She simply glows with the love of Christ and I felt blessed to have seen her on this perfect Spring day.

Now though, it is midnight and my Thursday has officially ended- therefore so must the story. I hope you all have as wonderful a Friday as I enjoyed today.  And may the weekend give you cause to be wanted by the sheriff fer all that fun your a havin'.  XOXO


sarah cool said...

I love the visual in my head of you peeking at the garbage collectors through your window as they fool around with that poster. I love it! Yay for small little acts of fun and mischief. You are probably their fave house now! :)

Jamey Clayberg said...


Anonymous said... are awesome in all your spring-y glee!

savannah said...

i <3 you! xoxox

what a lovely post to read today, sugar! it's been hectic and i was feeling a tiny bit sorry for myself and this, well, this was the perfect read. i'll remember your friend in my prayers. enjoy your weekend!

(i'm still LOL at the image of the men and that poster!)

lynn said...

Fun! I love the story about the discarded funny board thing. I'd have had to do that too. Should you have thrown it away?

MmeBenaut said...

Shan dear you look absolutely glowing with the love of Christ too! What a fantastic photo. I do hope your friend and inspirational teacher will enjoy her time left to her.
I'm so glad that the sun is shining for you and your delightful little family.
I can almost feel that mind twisting and turning for some more trash collector fun! We don't have men any more, only one to drive the truck which has huge "arms" that collect the bin and empty it mechanically. Think of all those garbos out of a job!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

So much fun to read!! May your garbage-treasure glee live on. Hee hee

dive said...

Hoorah for the happy trashmen, Shan!

What a wonderful inspiration your teacher friend is. And what a beautiful smile she has. She looks so happy; like she knows that - whatever happens from here on in - she has spread her love and inspiration far and wide and that is all anyone can hope for.

Tally said...

Teeheehee! You are so hilarious!! I wish you could have snapped a pic of that guy with his face in the poster!!! You know you made their day! :D

What a great shot with Ratchet's teacher. I'm glad you to see her. I know R will appreciate that picture too.

Katie said...

Shan what an awesome story of the trash guys finding that cool poster! I can just see them years from now having a few beers and talking old times and one will say, "Duuude, remember that time we found that Wanted poster?! Man that was a riot!!" On my morning walk to the carpool I often see the men on their waste removal route and once I heard them making cracks about the kind of people in one house from the garbage spilling out of their can. Based on that criteria, I bet your family is now considered the totally coolest family on the route!

And I'm sending positive thoughts your way to pass along to Ratchet's former teacher. I just love that photo of you all with her. Such positive energy flowing there!