Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whole brained but half rumped

Boy, it really has been a long time since I've actually written much of anything on here, hasn't it?  I think I got out of the habit of writing while the Winter funk was swirling around in my brain.  I don't usually find this the place to express my inner most feelings(squish squish) and I don't really enjoy being super serious on my blog.  I also don't hang on a thought long enough to be interesting most days. 
Considering I tend to prefer intake to being the main voice in the room, I would rather look in on you folks, or read/watch/listen to the clever people around me than come up with my own topics for presentation.  Of course, it could just be because I'm as slow as MOlasses being quietly released from the tiniest of spickits.  (Spickit isn't a word? I'm pretty sure other people say this so I'm going with it.) Maybe if Spellcheck approved of me more....
>>Update: OH SPIGOT!  Right Right!  I didn't try that one.  Wordlilly's got my back!

But, now that I've broken the seal on the syrup bottle, I might as well share a few tidbits about lil' ole me.  Fairly recently, among many many more meaningful and world changing epic things, I've made a hobby out of taking Facebook quizzes.  
Yes it IS awesome-I KNOW!
ANYway, I've taken a few of those lately upon check-in and have decided they are curiously helpful in explaining some key pieces to this peculiar being we call SHAN.

So now with much testing and  without further ado, here's what I now know about myself:

1) If I were a dog I would be an AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD.  
Hmm...Ok.  Family oriented, reserved but not to be taken for shy or insecure(still up in the air at this point) and extremely hairy if I recall from the picture.
 Upon reflection, there was a time when I had to beg my mom to let me shave my legs before debuting my pep club uniform at school in 7th grade.  I guess that was when my hairiness was at its pinnacle. No young lady wants to be known as "Chimp-the other mascot" during those tender middle school years.  "This breed is not for everyone" rings true here as well.

2)I TYPE roughly 47 words per minute currently-which beats my all time high in high school of 37.  Blogging is honing my skill beautifully.  I'm really a marvel to behold after twenty something short years. 

3)Typing tests won't keep me from what I was meant to do, however, and it was incredibly keen on Facebook's part to realize the JOB MOST SUITED TO ME is...pause for dramatic effect..


But how did they..? (fanning eyes, gulping and rolling lips inward) 

4)The next test, though entirely separate, continued with my natural leanings. For what better place to dance than the CITY assigned to me?  NYC, NEW YORK!! Start spreadin' the news, I'm leavin' as soon as the recession ends.

5)Why not?  I already have the NORTHERN AMERICAN ACCENT fully in place, even if I've only lived in Oklahoma and Arkansas. I feel certain I could do a convincing Boastonian as well. Geography can't quiet the yankee in me!

6)But if I get no roles because my jealous GREEN HEART gets the best of me..  (What do they know anyway.  Those girls are all lights-no music.  I'm the real thing.  With a little cosmetic surgery, a full-time nanny and several years of physical training, why I could..)

7)As a fallback, I might get in the mix and do what comes natural for me as a SOCIAL REFORM THEORIST. Because, I've now been likened to VOLTAIRE, and that's just the way I think.  (If I understood or cared a lick about such philosophical things.)

8)What else would make my WRITING STYLE resemble VIRGINIA WOOLF'S?  She and I...well apparently though brilliant woman's libbers, tending to be a wee suicidal at times, are/were certainly all about the stream-of-conciousness writing style.  Did I eat breakfast?  Oh look, my nails have grown!

9)Though I'm a little on the high maintenance side, if in fact I were a CLASSIC NOVEL, blog friend Robyn would  appreciate me-as testing proves me to be the book TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.  Ah, but I realize now that's just the social reformer working itself out again.  Tell true Facebook.  Tell true.

10)It's really what you can expect from a WHOLE BRAINED person like myself.  I'm rare in that sense.  So uniquely even minded I am, that I'm teriffically mediocre at almost everything! I eat and write with the left hand, but sport and support with the right.  I have a moderate amount of interest in the Arts as well as the Sciences but neither ignites a complete fire in my....

11)FEMALE BRAIN.  I'm just too girly for passion I s'pose. ( Titter titter titter-squeak!) 

So there it is.  My homemade compilation meme.  Feel free to hunt down and take all of these quizzes yourself.  It can be worked into any schedule with just a few minutes a day over several weeks time.  I can't honestly think of what I would have done without knowing what flavor of ice cream I am- not that I would share that with you now and end on such a cold note. 

 I wonder if there is a casserole quiz...uummm..I'm hungry. What would Facebook  make of this new finding?


Anonymous said...

That word you've heard people use: spigot.


Shan said...

Ding Ding Wordgirl! Thank you. It's funny when you have always said something one way and never knew the RIGHT way. I'll change it pronto pup! :D

AfricaBleu said...

Baha--Wordgirl. My boy loves that show. Now I won't be able to see Wordlily anymore without the theme shooting through my brain--"WORD-GIRL!"

I guess I will have to come to your house and take all those tests, since I no longer FB.

Missy said...

Who needs therapy when there are so many helpful quizzes on FB?

CariKelley said...

I'm just impressed that you took all that time to compile such helpful information! The compilation alone would have taken me hours to collect, report, and provide LOL commentary on! Way to use your powers and gifts for the Good!

MmeBenaut said...

My oh My! (That's a southern expression isn't it?) What wonderful therapy for me to read YOU first thing in the morning. Yay - welcome back Shan! It only took a sentence or two to fully realise just how much I missed you :)))

You are rollickingly funny and if that isn't one of the greatest gifts in the whole world then I don't know what is. BTW I don't even know what an Australian Shepherd is. We call them German Shepherd's here as in Inspector Rex. Hee hee.

I joined Facebook once but since I didn't write down my password I can't get back in ... now if that isn't having a brain full of mush I don't know what is .. kindred spirits we are, we are. Repetition is important. If it's worth saying, it's worth repeating. xxx

Katie said...

Shan-o-rama I give you lots of credit for taking the time to do these FB tests. I'm such a bad FBer, since I ignore almost anything like that. Luckily I didn't snort out any of the expensive Bargain Grocery red wine I was drinking as I read your very funny post (that wine cost at least $3.00 for the bottle!), or else I'd be a little upset with you. Say, was there a test for what stone you are, because you're sure a GEM!! Hardy har har and all that, but it's TRUE! Come back soon!

Tally said...

This is quintessential blogging. I've probably said this before, but this is your BEST one. Very well-done. Flowed seamlessly. Hilarious! Well worth the wait. Now if I could only be half as inspired. Are my blog days behind me??? Oh no!

Shan said...

Bleu: I guess you could book some quality fb time after you teach class M-W-F but you are going to have to be disciplined if you are going to get all of the analysis done properly. (properly includes coffee and snacks)

Missy: It's a wonderful service no doubt secretly funded by the government because they are kind like that.

CariK: Some people work, some volunteer. I compile useless information. It works for me. Maybe I should consider giving seminars on this...

Mme: Oh, you never seem to mind my long rambling sentences or the sillies that accompany them. Thanks for always encouraging me. Hopefully you brought me out of my slump for a while. :)

I tried to look you up on Facebook but there were between 3-400 people with your same name!! You should join again and visit with Lynn, Robyn, Katie and several others. It's fun!

Katie:Ahh shucks Katie. Thanks to you too! I am SO incredibly relieved no wine landed in your sinuses over these results. I would hate to be responsible for you having to pay through the nose for my personal therapy. harhar

And Tally: You are the most quintessent(another new word) blogger around. Are you kiddin' me? I have noticed no dry spell and your fb statuses have been nothing but high comedy lately. :D

Terroni said...

You and Virginia Woolf...two peas in a pod, eh?

I read and loved To the Lighthouse, but I could never figure out exactly what the lighthouse symbolized. Any thoughts?

dive said...

Hee hee. So the real Shan is revealed via Facebook quizzes.
Hee hee hee!

I'm just glad I don't do Facebook.

Maria said...

I'm too skeered to take those tests.

MmeBenaut said...

3-400 people with the same name? Yikes! I think I registered under my real name - all of it - but I can't remember - it was a while ago. After the wedding this weekend I'll have more time so I'll have a go at re-registering.

Shan said...

Terroni: Er. I am not really what you'd call "well read". Much to my shame, most of what I knew about V. Woolf is the little clip I saw of Nicole Kidman playing her in the movie. Now that I have taken the test I have googled her to know a paragraph more, I am intrigued to see if I like how she writes. I'll check on her at the library. To the Lighthouse!

Dive: I just put it out there as plain as Facebook gave it and now at least many of my short comings are much clearer to all of us. You do have to be ready to hear your life went horribly wrong when it tells you are best suited to licorice tensor testing in Nova Scotia or something completely opposing what you are currently doing.
I was just glad when I was made into a book that it wasn't Infinite Jest or something totally weirdo. :)

Maria: Why don't you join fb and face your fears!! What? Of course I don't have an ulterior motive!! I just think you and Mme would um..enjoy getting to know yourselves better. Mwah haha.

Mme: Yay!! Cool.