Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Recap '08

We had a lovely Easter weekend with my parents and Ma/Gigi.

I forget how much the dogs enjoy a good grandparent lap or chest as well. Any time one or two of our visitors sat down they would immediately be adorned with a dog tie or belt.  Spoilt  to the rot they are.

We did a bit of a hunt in the backyard though it was a little chilly to linger.


And Ratchet got to keep celebrating his birthday by building several new Lego sets that came with our visitors :D.

We also had Jamey's parents over for lunch after church but I guess I was too busy eating to bother photographing that portion of our day. I need to get better about photos and videos while these kids are still young so I'll have something to show them someday!(Or myself when I want to reminisce over their sweetie tiny faces.)
And finally, I'll leave you with the "silly" version of the top picture even though neither is particularly un-silly, considering Dandy was flapping his broken basket handle out the whole time my mom tried to get a still shot.  You can rarely take any of us very seriously I'm afraid. 

Tune in next time for some GIRLS GONE...OUT photos from our trip to Noodles last night and possibly a shot of Ratchet twirling the fire out of his Bo staff in tonight's school talent show.  Pins and needles all around I know!!! teehee :D

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AfricaBleu said...

Love the dog belts--very chic. It's what all the sophisticated Hutches are wearing these days, I hear.

Twirling his bo staff, eh? THAT'S why he wasn't at TKD last night. I'm sure he was brilliant and Napoleon-Dynamitesque. And I love the silly fam pic--don't I have a picture of us dressed as cowgirls, in which you are striking the same pose as your eldest? Hmm, the apple does not fall from the tree, I guess.

Yes, the play is this weekend and next. This weekend, it is Fri. and Sat. night at seven, with a Sunday matinee at three. I'll call you and tell you when I'm going.