Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ratchet makes the decade!

Today is my dear little firstborn's birthday and I want to try to keep my wordiness to a min. (like that ;) and give a year in pictures to highlight my precious boy's goings on from year 9-10.  But knowing my track record for wordiness, do you really believe I could just start slapping pictures up willy nilly with nary an explainy? That's just not how I roll now is it? It's always fun to say stuff like that with a 'Frasier' type inflection so make sure you add that for grins.  
Well, It was an interesting though enjoyable pregnancy and he wasn't an easy delivery by any means but I.... >>>>>fast forward>>>>fast forward>>>>10 years later...decided to take Ratchet and six of his closest buddies and one sibling to see Horton Hears a Who Friday night to kick off a grand evening of sleepover splendor and shinannery.
Aside from a brief panic upon entering the movie theater and suddenly realizing I couldn't see(darn night vision) or hear(darn Dolby sound) any of the children I had come with, it all turned out fine once a nephew came to usher me to the proper row full of kids I had just been dutifully herding only moments before.  
After the movie, we raced home for sloppy joes, chips and fresh veggies(kids are so easy to feed).  Oh and did I ever represent the knowledge I have procured from all of your blogs!  I made cupcakes ala Slushturtle, and the kids made their own ice cream like Hillary's with baggies and rock salt so that was interesting and apparently tasty as well.  Yippee!  I had a picture of the ice cream too but please don't make me put it back in I tried once and everything went hideously asunder! It  turned quickly to all things weaponry anyway once the last joe slopped!

On it went with present opening and outdoor play well into the evening where we eventually all gathered in the living room where the legos and video games required some attention. 

Well, so much for that year in pictures thing eh? The party in pictures(html) has me looking as tired as J and I in that last picture so I'm going to stop there. :D
I'm glad my sweet boy had such a wonderful birthday weekend.  I certainly have enjoyed every moment of his ten short years on this earth. He is such a happy blessing that makes every day brighter. Many more big boy!!!


Sara said...

Quelle Joy!!! Happy Birthday to the son of his mothers heart! Such great picts! Such cuties!! Little boys...they are precious! Looked like a fun day

Tally said...

Not to take Ratchet's thunder out from under him, but that's the first time I've seen Dandy in his new specs!!!!! AAAAooooooowwwwww. HANDSOME.

Ok, back to Ratchet. Sweet, sweet angel! I'm so glad he had so much fun! You did a great job! Good for you! I bet it will be one of his top five mems of his life! :)

Jamey Clayberg said...

Look at you wranglin that html... yee haw! Good post, was a fun day 1/2, and I can verify that the ice cream was good. Big ups to Senor Ratchet and his awesome Mommie-O!

Christine said...

Today is my youngest's fifth birthday! She woke up to those amazing girls staying at the house, who were up late making her drawings and choosing items from their own belongings to give her ("Auntie, do you have a pretty gift bag we can use?!?"). The value of it all was totally lost on my daughter.

I, however, have not stopped crying!!!

dean r said...

love seeing the party. what a mom and dad and family! you are super party gal. go for it mom!
also, I missed the fast forward part. ahhh you're so funny. later my friend. dtr

SlushTurtle said...

I love the exhausted parent photo at the end. :)