Monday, March 3, 2008

Like sands through the hourglass...

It's time to check in with my little blue page and give a few small updates.  It feels like I have been gone  from this computer for months, but alas, it has only been a week or so since The Shan has been roaming the planes of her land.  

I started getting so very tired and achey about 10 days ago and found myself sleeping between activities.  I would get up, get the kids ready for school, say goodbye to two boys and a hubby, mill about for a few minutes, then climb back in bed.  It seemed the thing to do.  Then, at about 2:45 in the afternoon, I would hear the little tiny tri-tone beep on my insulin pump, so I'd get up and obediently go pick up the kiddies from their schools, go back home and WHEW! Tired.  Momma needs a little resty poo before dinner time.   And so on. 

I've always had a special fondness for my bed,  but this seemed a bit extreme even for me!  I decided I was depressed because "depression hurts" according to that commercial.  But, a few fevers and two inches of lung biscuits later(not to mention a husband who was also coming down with the "depression" too), I cleverly realized I was actually just sick and proceeded on to the doctor for some Tamiflu and an antibiotic for the smokers cough I had recently developed.  Turns out the flu hurts too.

In other unrelated news, I lost my job.  Job?  What job?  Well, I have been babysitting this little pimpernel

three days a week since August. But, his mommy got a promotion and different hours at work so he got re-routed to daycare, leaving his "Auntie Shannon" one baby short of a day job. Though it conveniently came at the same time my new sleeping hobby cropped up, now that I'm feeling better I find myself wondering what my next venture will be.

I've been batting around all the usual possibilities:

1) Start watching another baby on a part time basis.
2) Get paperwork, CPR and training up to date and reopen our home for foster care.
3) Repeat step two and try to adopt another child.
4) Get a part-time job outside the home.
5) Go back to school for that elusive and endlessly painful degree.
6) Be a stay-at-home-mom who actually does all the stuff one is supposed to do to keep a proper house.

Yep, I'm right back where I started in August when I sort of happened into #1 due to a lack of school enrollment. That seemed good at the time. But now I'm back at the list scratching my head for insight. I think I'm ready to move on past the first option but 2-5 strike me as pretty serious choices and not ones to be taken lightly.
While I ponder those, I will default to #6 and see if I can find a comfortable balance between housework and personal enrichment that allows time to focus on my new years resolution of having "A year of intelligence-becoming smartererer than ever before!" And if it works, pondering the middle four options should only become easier with a little more brains on board. Hey, we've already seen that I can now type faster than a dead person. Maybe next I can learn the art of decision making before actually becoming one.


Tally said...

Whew, girlfriend, you've got a lot on your plate!

Have you thought about #7? Opening your home for doggy daycare? Ozzy has been pointing out my lack of attention towards him now that I've found my "calling". It seems Mommy is too busy for Ozzy now. (I can pay you in wipees......wink)

Well, it's just a suggestion. Dogs are a bit less 'hands-on' than babies, so you'd be free to do your usual activities while raking in the doe!

AfricaBleu said...

All I could hear was the theme song of "Days of Our Lives" when I started reading this post ("do, do, do, DO, do, do, do, DO...")

Yay--I for one am glad to hear THAT BABY is no longer an impingement on my fun. So when are we having baby-free coffee?

You forgot to add "international spy" to your possible jobs--you've already got the frowned-upon outfit...

Sara said...

Glad you weren't depressed. Sorry you were sick.
I think you should...I don't really know, but I like putting my two cents in. Being free from the little tyke does free up coffee time which is a bonus for sure.

Jamey Clayberg said...

...type faster than a dead person. Ha. Could be that *jacked up* chair you're hunching in. Gotta get you a good internet chair milady... Good thing you don't have a prostate.

Fee said...

Hi there Shan
It's great to meet ya!
Sorry you've been feeling under the weather! I find your posts very amusing...... I like(and get) your humour!

Look forward to learning more about you, new friend!
See ya!

Ellen said...

Here's what you are going to do: Get a foster baby and then come have coffee at my house weekly. Thus ends Ellen's input.

dean r said...

shannon, i vote for #3 or the DEGREE hell yeah! do it, you're so super smart, use it! now!!!!

love you guys, that was one CUTEY kid, i know you'll miss him.

typey typey typey....