Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Fodder

I'll bet it's been a while since you or I took typing class. Especially if it was called TYPING class and not keyboarding. I think back in the late 80's when I was in high school I may have averaged about 30-35 wpm (words per minute, in case it's REALLY been a long time ;) No, I was never really highly sought after for secretarial work and such. I was more of a hands on girl-waiting tables or groping around in peoples mouths (the ugliest description I could have used for Dental assisting aside from Slobber Slinger or something-Really I quite liked it.)

I found this little test over at one of my favorite blogs called Welcome to my brain
She of course scored up in the robot ranges like I'm sure my brother would if he were to try this. Since I've never been one to cause smoke to fly out of any computer, I cruised in at more of a wordy dental assistant's pace. I'm not ashamed of my score though I think it's quite improved over the Typewriting 101 days. Now, not feeling intimidated by my, ahem, keyboarding, I encourage you to try it yourself because it's super quick and easy! And better still, they don't ask for e-mail addresses or ring size or anything tricky. So here it is....Now take it and show me what ya got!

And, since I'm about to sit down to my Beth Moore Bible Study, I thought I'd leave this link for my cronies that want to read her latest entry. She's such a Cutie! Here's that website. Yeah for Bible Learnin'! God always opens me like a can of worms when I do her studies. Cans of worms kind of smell. Hope you have a GREAT weekend!


AfricaBleu said...

I got 75 but misspelled a few.
Hey, you're featured in my blog today.

Trish said...

I got 61! I love stuff like that!

Tally said...

Good grief! Who are these genius concert pianist friends you have??? My fingers were flying around so fast, I couldn't see them. And I managed to eek out a miserable 42 wpm. I just know I'm faster when I make up the words myself, in a rational, legitimate conversation. That baloney meant nothing to me!

Just writing the above, I clocked a cool 96! Swear!

Terroni said...

66 spelled correctly.
but i think i may have pulled something.

CC said...

I tried it too. 87. Not bad but my heart is racing now.

Anonymous said...

7 Days without blogging makes one weak.

Tabbitha said...

77 wpm but with 3 mistakes. I guess that's pretty good, for somebody who is pretty mistake-prone :) Fun stuff! Thanks!