Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Since the ladies on American idol aren't holding my captive interest tonight I thought I'd let my vitamins scrap it out a little bit and have their own  Nutritional supplement competition.  

I've always been interested in holistic nutrition and try to keep up with the latest recommendations in preventative nutrients to keep this rapidly aging bod of mine afloat as long as possible. It also comes in handy when I start throwing around advice to my friends and fam like I'm a pimp for the corner health food store.  "You know what you need to do is go down to the such and so and get yourself some probiotics for that bowel shufflin' thing you've got going on."  Or, "Maybe it's the mycotoxins in all that corn your eating. What you need to do is hit up the corner such and so for some anti-fungals"... and so on.  Wow, I'm a little obnoxious when I condense all my bossiness down together like this.  Ha HO! I just keep learning.

In the actual food department I'm not as good with the follow through, but I'll admit it confuses me (and I'm also a little lazy in the kitcharama).  I do believe our produce is not quite the power source of nutrition it once was, considering our soil is depleted of its original veggie making goodness.  And then there's all the tampering with the meat, eggs and milk that makes you grow a beard and big boobs simultaneously if you consume all three in the same meal.  I HAVE ENOUGH HORMONE TROUBLE PEOPLE!  Whoops, sorry that may have been instigated  by the estrogen in the chicken and dumplings I had for dinner.
This is the part where I hear you say "I know.  Right?"  if you've taken to that type of talk.  I'm much less valley than that. I'm holding firm in my response of "Yepper pepper pie!" when I want to say "Yes, you are correct!" I think it's more street personally.

Back to the business at hand-comparing vitamins.  The first and reigning champion I had been running my mouth off about for the better part of last year is this dear little liquid supplement called Vibe.  
Vibe and I first met at the corner such and so and let me tell you it had me at the poster in the window!  I had to try this drink that was so chock full of antioxidants and promises.  I must admit I was taken aback by its price ($60.00 per monthly supply) but I decided to give it a go and I was AMAZED at the new energy and benefits I was receiving from this.  Of course after so many months of this wonderful thing with a not so wonderful price, I started taking it for granted and more and more sparingly to save a buck here and there.  Well, that led to a month on, a month off just to see what differences I'd notice in myself.  After this last month off, I really started noticing I'm reverting back to my old ways of crippling around, nap taking, fuzzy brain, numb limbs, depression, headaches that type of deal.  "Did she say she was 38 or 88?" 

Surrendering, yesterday I hobbled troll-like into the such and so to get some "happy juice" but they didn't have it.  Said it was getting too expensive.  This is where I gave a half hearty "Yepper pepper pie!" in agreement and the kind sir pointed me to a Natures Plus liquid product saying it was their version of Vibe.  And, even though it lacks the catchy name, it had me at $35.60. 
So IT'S ON!!  They've both come out on the catwalk with their fiercest poses ready to take wellness on!  We shall see who becomes  The Shans Next Top Supplement!


Tally said...

Ha-ha, you said fierce!

Right now I'm looking into incorporating an array of vitamins into my routine. Rose hips for my gums, acidophilus for digestion, B-complex for energy and cod liver oil for Ozzy. I'm going to check with my nurse next week first though. Don't want any ugly interferences with current meds....

I'm on pins and needles abou this walk-off....

AfricaBleu said...

Oh, how I hope the non-Vibe emerges victorious--I just could not bring myself to pay 60 buckeroonies for juice. Could. Not. A divine chocolate cake topped with ice-cream and hot fudge sauce, maybe--but not juice. (Have I mentioned that I'm hitting the wall in Babylon this week. MUST. HAVE. SWEETIES.)

dean r said...

shan, i ran out of minutes on my phone. sooorrryyy.
email me so I'll ahve your email address. later.

Sara said...

how does white rice rank up there in the good food for ya? It seems to be the ever lovin staple of my life in the states and abroad. I make up for its lack o nutrients with a hearty helping of fish, though.

The Shan said...

Oh, don't get me started don't even get me started...:D
Nah, I think you guys are great with your easy staple rice. Of course brown has more fiber and therefore more complex digesting slower, but it's basically just white rice without the brown shell so that it'll cook up fluffier. It's a great source of low-fat energy and where you guys are , I'd be living on the stuff! Rice it up! I'm always so impressed at all the fish you put away though. I'll bet your kids really have that Hi-Pro glo with all the Omega 3 fatty acids and stuff. Too bad it makes me cry. haha