Friday, February 1, 2008


Well, it's heath care run- amuck around here this week. I'm surprised I've still got my doogies about me I tell ya! First, as you might have read, one dog hit the rug. And just as she began to recover from her $200 "getaway", Dandy, my five year old , came down with a tiny fever, a Rudolf-with-mud-on-his-nose voice and a misfit attitude to boot.

Then to space it out a little, my husband (we'll call him Jamey-keekee) waited a day before coming home from work early with an illness entirely his own that has only worsened today making him eligible to receive his own "getaway" reservation at the A.M. clinic in town tomorrow morn.

So who's the next to go you ask? Ohhhh, it's Ratchet, our oldest child who normally aglow with activity and exuberance, decided midway through the day to have a rest on the couch with a blanket. Now he's in full fever form popping Advil with the rest of them. I just made sure he was tucked nicely in bed and then rushed downstairs to wash his little germ tainted smooches off my cheek(as any loving selfless mother would).

Now the chihuahua and I are forming an alliance and will lie low and see if we can't ride out this mild storm of illness moving through CasaBerg this week. Be well dear ones.


AfricaBleu said...

Let's see... have I kissed you lately? Um... I think that is a big N-O, so we should be safe.

Dearie, dear--sorry about the sickies in da house (whoop, whoop). Now that you mention it, Casey has a bit o' sumpin coming along too--maybe it was him and Jamey smooching? Or maybe he was kissing on Tiki when you guys weren't looking?

Sara said...

Izzy's got a slight cold. Maybe you all got it from her when she sneezed in your direction about two weeks ago. I know that the wind can carry messages and maybe germs too.
But it I were a betting gal I'd lay my money on Casey and Jamie smooching. Yowzer :0

Tally said...

Hm, my bloglines failed to alert me of your new entry. I'll need to investigate further.

So sorry about the family illnesses. Still praying!

Tally said...

Oh PS, cute pic btw!

Anonymous said...

I tagged you in a silly game of Blog Tag. See my site for details. Feel free to participate or disregard. :)

SlushTurtle said...

Look at you sneakily starting a blog! Sorry for the sickos- that's a drag.

dean r said...

cutey! you , not the dog.
sorry so many sick.... good thing you are taking care of all. good wifey poo and mommy poo....
have a good weekend.