Saturday, March 29, 2008

Two days in a week

What have I done promising more pictures?  Do I realize this blogging business eats into the time I have reserved for cleaning under my appliances.  Yes, of course I do.  And so without further ado, I give you GIRLS GONE....OUT 

Here we are at Noodles Wednesday night just before we lost control of our bladders.

         From left: Tabitha, Trish, Me, Shelley, Joy

But then, something always happens between the salad and main course that sends us into pack mentality hysterics on these GNO's. My face is best kept behind the camera at this point.   

And here was our attempt at "Sexy" which is really more "aloof, cute, angry and fresh from collagen injections".  Too bad the "sexy seamstress" was off camera for this one.

All of these pictures were stolen from Tally's blog which were taken from Tab's email which  naturally came from Tab's camera because Shan forgot to charge her battery! So, thanks girls for making this memory possible!  Great ham slapping the pavement fun all around!! YEAHHHH!!! 

The following evening this happened....

Ratchet did a kick-ninja routine at his school talent show  with his bo staff and some techno music that was way to dangerous to categorize. 

The teacher apologetically put him in the "dance" category but that never kept a serious performer down.  Ratchet Gene Kelley'd his way into 3rd place!!! HA! :D  

We didn't even know he'd won something until the next day because they forgot to announce his name at the show.  For some reason that made winning a trophy even more exciting.  WEEEE!  WAY TO GO DUDE!  


dean r said...

congrats to little g&%*mkin... ahh he's growing up so fast and NOT before my very eyes... boo.
shannon, your hair so long, dang it I'm gone and can't see your long beautiful hair. phooey!
hope you're having a very lovely spring weekend. later.

Anonymous said...

Well, he does look very Karate Kiddish in the photo-the trophy is highly impressive-a star is recognized-we already knew he was a star!! Ginger

Maria said...

Congrats to the boy....

Adelia said...

GNO's are priceless and rare for mommies. At least they are for me and my usual suspects. How fun for you guys!

BTW Tristan was walking by while I was browsing your blog. He saw the ninja-fied picture and said, "Woo, who is that? Is he in karate? Is he dangerous?" Of course, dangerous is a good thing to a five year old boy!

WendyJanelle said...

I agree, we all need our GNOs!! And, hey, I recognize those ladies. Very neat! I love Tab's expression..and Shelley's "aloof" look. Very becoming.

Great karate kid pics! My kindergartner thinks karate is all about "punching things" and that is soooo cool! :-)

Arl said...

Wow, look at how big your boy is. Tell him congrats on the big trophy.

Fee said...

That was brilliant...... well done karate kid!!!!!!

That girls night out is such a good idea...... I need one of those! I can see you all had an' amazing time!!!! We are all lil' girls at heart.... who LOVE the camera!!!!

Tally said...

Woops, I guess I forgot to leave you a comment! A little late now, huh? Let's see what clever thing I can come up with. Uh, your hair IS long. I meant to tell you that. I don't know when it suddenly got so long, but it sure is. And Ratchet is AWESOME! I didn't even see him perform and I know it! And by all means, keep going with the trendy hairdo plans. He's a "tween" now so he needs that extra edge. It's a tween eat tween world out there, from what I hear from my mom-friends. (Not really. I made that up. But do proceed with the hay (short for hair)).