Sunday, May 18, 2008

My week in a pistacio shell

I don't really know how to organize my thoughts today- or ever perhaps.   Probably because I have half my brain candied and on a stick like cheap fair food, from the danged ole diabetes and the other half is beautifully preserved in Nutrasweet and on display in the What's left of Shan museum nestled in a thicket of dense trees somewhere in an undisclosed location. 
Don't worry, that didn't make a lick of sense to me either so let's just move on.   

Boy howdy did this week ever fly by in a hurry!  Oh yes it did.  I can't really remember everything that happened because, let's face it, that would almost be a week of recall and I believe I might have mentioned the condition my recaller is in.  

I just know it started with a whole bunch of kids and didn't seem to lighten up much after that.  And then there was that throat slashing movie Friday night!  Have you guys seen Sweeney Todd?  EEYIE!  I was really looking forward to watching Jonny Depp, Sasha Baron Cohen and one of my faves Alan Rickman full on singing their hearts out.  But when the blood started gushing with every downbeat, I was feeling ready for that music to end!  It REALLY was less than cheery, which is fine I guess, but I suppose I like my musicals a bit.... brighter.  I don't think I'm a fan of Mr. Sondheim.  And as long as I'm sounding so grouchy, I may even be tired of Helena Bohnam Carter always playing dead white and craaazy.  Can we see the lady with some normal skin tones and teeth for once?  

 Saturday morning I DID go with little Trisha to the Farmer's Market in Fayetteville which was a delight  even perhaps a deliciary of greenery if I dare say so!  The veggies weren't hugely plentiful yet but they did have plants galore and many entertaining sights to be seen and heard.
One of the things I loved about this market was all the little doggies walking around with vests on saying ADOPT ME.  I thought I'd include their pictures for my Mo-inlaw who is shopping for a nice medium sized pooch.  I think Lucy on the top is a great option for you Jane.  She's a good size and is fully house-trained.  She's a beaut coming in fixed and shot filled at the user friendly price of $60.  And she may be wearing that much in her apron!  Why am I always selling things on here?!  

After a morning of dog petting and baby cooing(Yes,they were popping out all over as well but strangely none were wearing ADOPT ME vests-harumph!), I came home and scraped paint off our shed to the tune of PERFECT spring weather outside. LOVE IT!

Today we went to church and then to a picnic with our Churchesians out at Lake Wedington where we lived it up like the Outdoorbergs we always knew we could be canoeing around and soaking up the sun all afternoon.  And instead of a picture, because I didn't want to hike over to the van and get my camera, I'll give you this easy yummy salad recipe I found online and have now taken to two separate food events because it's a warm weather refresher:

Butter lettuce Boomshakalaka(I don't know the real name)

Butter lettuce(duh)
1/4 cup olive oil 
juice from 1 lemon

Mix the olive oil and juice and a dash of salt and pepper and toss onto lettuce. 
Then top with the following:

2 diced avocados
1 container of feta cheese(6oz.?)
2 oranges peeled and chopped
1 small pkg pistacio nuts(probably 3/4 Cup)

It's fresh.  It's delicious. It's a casserole pan of healthy eats. Enjoy.

THEN....We rushed home and got Jamey's music gear all loaded up and went an hour away to a town where he was asked to play for an outdoor youth group gathering at our friends church at 6:00pm. 
 OY and OH MY that could have been exhausting...But it really wasn't.   Though I'm slightly coated in an entire days sweaty grunge,  I'm strangely awake and alert at midnight.  Wait a minute!  Midnight?!  I gotta get in the shower.  Here's a few more pics from our day.  This is Dave M. on the left who came to play with on the right.  

And here are my tired boys lounging and listening after a long fun day of play.

 Thanks  Jenna and Jason for a great evening dear ones!  And g'night to the rest of you.  I'm kissing the palm of my filthy hand and waving myself away from the glowing screen now.   


Sara said...

Cool! He played for Jenna's church? Fun fun! Hey, did she get back from her crazy weekend at Daves?
Sounds like a fun day! Weddington..aaahhh. I got a whiff of that fresh air as I read.Way to got Outdoorbergs.

Shan said...

Thanks Sars. I can only hope this is one more small step toward becoming a fearless traveling minstrel of untold adventure. But, one mustn't shock the system with too much at once.
Jenna had a good trip but wasn't allowed to do any stupid human tricks for Dave so that was a tiny let down in my mind. I'm sure you'll hear all about it soon. xo

Anonymous said...

i agree with you on the sweeney todd bloody-mctastrophe. i like my humor raw but not bloody. sounds like you guys had a fun, full day. glad you survived!

dive said...

Whew! What a deliciary of a week you've had, Shan!
Sorry about the Sweeney Todd business but that's what going to the barber is like over here in Blighty.
As for Helena Bonham Carter; whether she's in a Merhcant-Ivory costume drama or all gothed-up or even voicing a ghost bride, she's still capable of reducing me to a pool of blathering sap … Sigh …

I love the recipe for butter lettuce boomshakalaka but I'm afraid I'd only get as far as shelling the pistachios. Pistachios to me are like truffles to a hog. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Good to see Jamey playing live, too.
Plus some cute poochie pics.
All in all a splendid post.

AfricaBleu said...

I have eaten that ambrosial salad of Shan's and it is divine, ya'll. Di-vine.
I had fun with you on Sunday, girlie. Our boys sure were cute in the canoe. Stick with us--we'll make official Outdoorbergs of you yet. And boohoo you didn't like the Sweeney. Blame it on my abnormal cravings for Mr. Depp if you want, but I loved it, blood and all. Casey and I decided Helena BC and Depp could be brother and sister in that movie, they look so alike, which leads me to speculate that perhaps Tim Burton has a man-crush on Johnny. But heck, who can blame him?

Scout said...

I know the feeling of being half mentally boiled or fried or fricaseed. I kind of feel the same way at the moment.

Shan said...

Carissa, Dive, and Bleu,
Well, I DID like quite a bit of Sweeney, but when they did the one song with all the throat slashing and breakneck chair dumping, even I started bleeding at one point.

And I was thinking Helena and Johnny were twins the whole time as well and on the extras Tim Burton was saying how he had drawn his characters (in that Night Before Christmas style) and they always look the same(he stated) which means they look like his wife/partner Helena. Bahha! That's why they always get his parts! Yes, they are both pretty when they're not entirely jacked up. :D

And Scout, you accomplish a whole lot more than I do in this condition. hehheh

dean r said...

hello , i like reading about what all you been up to. fun fun.
busy busy.. oh my.
have a fun summer with the boys!

MmeBenaut said...

Nothing like children and dogs to keep you on your toes. Well done, Shan. That recipe looks delicious. I'd have to replace the oranges though (I'm allergic) with apples perhaps or pears???