Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A never too late Mothers Day Spotlight

Would ya?  Could ya? Take a stroll with me?
Down to my Mimsy's Fine Art Gallery

Of course, it's really called Jan Hutchinson.com,
but for this gal it's hard calling her anyone but Mom.

She's succeeded in oils and has painted for years,
she's captured the landscapes of both far and near.

At my Dad's office all of her wildest beasts hang.
Not stuffed on wall mounts, but neatly painted and framed.

These days she's loosed her stylings just a hair,
with pastels she now captures breezy scenes with fresh air.

A more pleasant combo Broker, Artist, Mother, Friend,
you'll truly not find 'less it's SHE once again! 


Tally said...

OH.MY.WORD! That was beautiful!!! You are a gifted poet and I never knew it! Your mom is soooo talented and adorable! Glad you posted that cutie pic of her!!!

AfricaBleu said...

Your mom is so awesome. I love her art--especially that orchid you have in your foyer.

And she's so fun and sweet, too. Huzzah for the Shan's mom.

Shan said...

OH WOW GIRLS! I just finished editing my silly font mistakes and there were your comments. Cheers to the late night crowd! What is it like 9:30? I sound like a geezer. Thanks for the sweeties! She is an awesome Mimsy! :D

savannah said...

what a lovely tribute to your mother, sugar! xoxo
(thanks for stopping by)

dive said...

Wow! I've just been over to your mom's site. She's brilliant, Shan.
I've not used pastels since art college. She's inspired me to go buy some and some ingres paper and have another crack at it.

Missy said...

Wow! She is incredibly talented. I had no idea...

Sara said...

I'm always stunned for some reason when I realize...AGAIN..that your mom is a genuine artist! She is so humble about it too. Not flashy, not desperate for recognition. Just quietly painting these amazing pictures. Awesome!

MmeBenaut said...

Fabulous poem to your Mimsy-Mo. What a pretty lady and incredible artist. Fancy having those genes in the family.

dean r said...

well, if you've ever wondered where Shannon gets her sheer class, its from her folks, and her mom is nothing but class and wit.
I love your mom making a point, staring out in front of her maybe making a gesture and speaking her mind. so determined and all charm. you're just like her artsy AND smart smart to boot! yeah for moms and yeah for you both...later.