Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm too boring for this blog

Well now isn't that a little bit funny.  I just wrote the title of this blog and then accidentally posted it.  I was so boring and unsexy to my own blog, it thought I would be better suited to just post a title than to attempt to drag you guys into my incredibly dull hole with me.  

Cute, publish button.  Verry cute.  But it doesn't keep me from droning on, for I am a nagging infection of boredom who ever so briefly just considered blogging about the small dog-sized hair ball I just swept up from all the hard surfaces of my house.  I think my chihuahua is always tricked into thinking we've gotten a third beast when this happens because she immediately rushes over to my sweepings each time and sniffs out the pile like she's smelling the rump of a new and interesting visitor.  Oops, I guess I did  just blog about sweeping my floor didn't I? Nice one Shans.

I think this week I'm feeling a little melancholy about my home alone situation (hands on cheeks and open mouthed McCauley Culkin style).  It's no doubt the effect of the extroverted me being at home without constant people interaction and reaction. I am sulking in the fact that Trisha just started her job, that Becky is doing freelance(again with the money making-harumph) and Shelley is just up up and moving away.  Boo-hoo and double HISS! Where is that shy little book lovin' introverted shan when you need her anyway.  She'd be good company if she wasn't always wanting "alone time".  Aargh.

 Many days I do happily skip about the house by myself, easily being amused by a particular drawer of clothing or a purposefully "silly walk" I've adopted for funsies.  I listen to my i-pod or  read your blogs and talk on the phone a little to get all my people fixes likity-split!  And "where on earth did the day go?" I nervously giggle realizing I am in fact still in my sleepwear at 1:00pm having been lost in a brain wander half the day.

But sometimes this self containment just doesn't cut it and I feel...well,  plain ol' dull; a Dully Lama of my own not-worth-the-press country.  At least in that case I might have people to oversee that have potential to do something interesting.  

No, it's not that at all.  In this case I think it's me not finding ANYTHING interesting anymore.  I was looking at my t.v. last night wondering why I bother with all those extra accidentally free cable channels.  I don't want to see Tila Tequila choosing which of her suiters she'll date by having contests to see which one can be the MOST disgusting in EVERY way.  
I don't want to watch a big batch of model clones dance around with numbered suitcases in the attempt to make a choosing numbered suitcases game interesting.  I don't even want to watch nervous cooks running around bumping into each other as an ANGRY chef from H-E-double hockey sticks Kitchen yells at them until THEY catch fire from all the pitchfork dodging they are doing around a hot grill.

 With entertainment like this who needs depression? For reals now people COME ON!

I know that this is just my temporary dysphoria speaking.  And come next Thursday, I'll be back at that glowing screen watching 'So you think you can dance dance dance?' in surgical focus with the rest of America.  I'm just busying myself this week living out the quote  "If you're bored it's only because you're a boring person"  to the fullest.  SO BE IT!!  And you can suffer it too dear Shanslookers! 

 Oh my.  I've gone and taken it out on you now haven't I?  Sorry dear friends :)  Do come back won't you?  I promise not to say anything too scandalously raw because frankly,  I'm not interesting enough to do so.  Now, I must be off to pet I mean put my trash out.  XOXO's to you and one raspberry for me.  Plllllpt!


Shelley said...

Quite the contrary my dear are the LEAST boring person I know. Can I come over for coffee after work tomorrow? And just in case you were wondering, I promise it's not a pity visit...

Anonymous said...

heehee...dully lama. that's not boring. :)

Tabs said...

I love you and I love your blogs and I only wish I had more time to hang out with ya ;) XOXOX

Tally said...

Well, that's all I needed to hear! I'll quit tomorrow! :) Count me in for coffee! (j/k, I have to work boo hoo)

dive said...

Dully Lama. Hee hee hee, Shan!
You could always try what I did; not having a TV. You suddenly find that you have a life and wonder how on earth people have any time to sit in front of the idiot box.

Bekah said...

I want to come over for coffee bad I don't live in Siloam anymore! :-(
I love reading your blog and wonder why we never really got to know each other better when I was in Siloam. Hmmmmm?

Fee said...

As Dobson would say..... "It's okay to be bored!" but with that personality of yours...... can't you entertain yourself?!!? I find you extremely amusing!

I hear you though!

love Fifi

Shan said...

AHHHH, thanks for the comments, I do love them so! HEARTS
I like to think when I'm visiting your blogs we're sitting down to coffee chatting. I would never otherwise be so outgoing with people I don't know because I am a little shy without a talkative sidekick or a cable line between us. teeheehee

As for you locals, you know what I really need is a hearty slap across the jowl so I can snap out of despondency and do something useful in my non-social times. My life is far too easy to get away with any REAL complaining.

dean r said...

go play your piano and sing along!
get out doors and your hands in the dirt!
train the dog a new trick. count your shoes or ear rings. plan a healthy snack and game for the boys when they get home from school. paint your toenails. put in a bollywood movie and learn some dance moves. go to the library. take some photos of things in your boys' room and begin an album of their favorite things. go hide in the closet in jamies workroom and wait for the dogs to find you. break into that church building behind your house and snoop around. invite a neighbor for coffee and share the gospel. get your kids' colors out and draw like the wind, I want a gallery of cats now. sit down and write a letter and mail to family or a friend in town as a special treat. put your hair up, let it down, put on the glasses, take them off. get out that stair step thing. look through some old magazines and cut out the pics you like that inspire you for fashion or home design. teach your self HTML from online. write a letter to your senator supporting English only and anti-illegal immigrant bills. i dunno, there are some ideas though. HA.
miss you.later.

MmeBenaut said...

Methinks thou dost protest too much Shan. You have far too much imagination to ever be bored.

Delightful piece on the subject. I can relate to the Chihuahua hair - the cats do the same when I make a ball out of the fur coming out of their brush. They love to play with it and CHEW it. Hee Hee.

MmeBenaut said...

Happy Mother's Day Shan!

AfricaBleu said...

Boring AND really, really, really shy.

Snort. Here's that requested SLAP.