Monday, June 23, 2008

Blogging is as blogging does

Well I'm back at the helm of my computer, but don't have enough time today for a picture-filled report on my week because I simply must find out what you guys have been up to. In the meantime, I came across this little blog evaluation device over at Scout's place and I thought I'd see how I am measuring up in the blogosphere. Here's the litmus test that will tell me just where I, Shan, stand in my personal journey toward intelligence. 

Now let's just push this button here and see how clever I am at spinning a yarn. Oops, wrong button, hold on a minute. Ok, and there. Now for my hopefully impressive results....

blog readability test

TV Reviews

WAIT a sec. Are there many levels below this? Aren't people only beginning their journey into reading in Elementary school? Why, it seems as though I can barely write my name without spellcheck intervention! Who's in charge of this test? I want a recount! That's it. 
Well, I guess I have been told I should write poems for children. I was thinking that was a compliment at the time. But perhaps since I wasn't writing particularly for children when it was suggested, it's possible it was in fact-not flattery. Guess I need to start beefing up on the vocab. But, I so prefer to make up my own words, and that might take up even more of my precious chair sitting time. I don't know maybe I'll just keep writing for the common man (or child) and leave the tougher stuff to you higher fallooten folken. It's words like those that got me this fine rating isn't it? Ah well, just keepin' it real all up in here. 

Stay tuned for some primary school level photographs and updates about my week in Oklahoma City. I'm sure it will be worth every bit of simple minded time you have alloted for yourself on that day. It's good to see you again blogroll buddies! TTFN!


dive said...

Welcome back!
Refreshed and rested I hope?

Hey, what's wrong with plain and simple, elegant and intelligible writing? Let's have more of it!

How far would Basho have got, trying to squeeze eight-syllable words into his haiku?

And think how much safer the world would be if your President could speak plain, simple English instead of idiot gibberish.

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...


The test said your writing is easy to understand. I for one really enjoy reading your stuff. You are very funny. Writing at say the
10th grade level might not be so easy to read or understand or laugh at :)

Charlie Muessemeyer

MmeBenaut said...

Hee hee Shan. M.B got genius level for his blog. I got grade school I think! These people obviously don't actually read what you write and they can't possibly take into account your hilarious sense of humour and how much you bring to our lives each day.

It's wonderful to have you back. Only gone a week but you were sorely missed. Now pop over to verbal burble for a belly laugh yourself!

Tally said...

Seeing as how my dad scored a college level grade on his and he NEVER POSTS ANYTHING, I have my doubts on the test's accuracy. Don't beat yourself up kiddo. We're not here to win, just have fun and make friends, right? And believe me, you've got the gold written all over you if you could win at that!

shelley said...

I, too, won an excellent Elementary Level award. I knew we were kindred spirits!

Jenna Jean said...

Hey there Shan,

I am glad you are back! I can't wait to hear of your adventures in O.K.C.

Scout said...

hee hee. Keep in mind this little test thingy doesn't capture the heart and soul of a blog post, and it has no way to evaluate concepts. You should write poetry for children, though, or even adults.

Shan said...

Aw shucks guys. You're so sweet (kicking the dirt and smiling toward my shoe). I'm just a funnin'. I don't really care how smart the great blog OZ thinks I is. I do love the idea that some great master computer is scanning my blog for intricacies though. At least it didn't come back and say. "YOU HAVE WASTED MY TIME!!!" with a big booming voice or something.

Oh and HEY CHARLIE! We are waiting for your name to show up in blue. I think you would like it. You too Arly. L-E-T-S G-O! LET'S GO!! (Oomph, I just did a herky and pulled a hamstring I think)

Maria said...

I have my doubts about this test. Mine scored elementary level too and I took it very, very personally....:)

dean r said...

hey shannoooooon,
i hope you had lots of fun in okc. write me soon or just blog. hope the boys had fun also.

Bekah said...

So glad you are back! I checked in every now to then just to see if you were writing a random post! Can't wait to see some pictures too! Hope you had a great time away! We all need a break every now and then!

Anonymous said...

I am waaaaay too lazy to write a blog - I just read blogs :)
Charlie Muessemeyer

tab said...

I feel really dumb, not because of my test score but because I am STILL unable to log into my own stinken blog :P Geeeeesh......