Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Picture this...And this...And while you're at it, this.

Since I've been an inattentive Shanslander lately I thought I'd go through my piccys and give you a huge smattering of them.  I'll try to keep my discussions to a minimum and give you a broad range of events that I might have blogged about had I not been so busy being "oot and aboot" as our Canadian neighbors would say. 

Let's start off with a couple of trips out with my friends.  In celebrations of various sorts(and trust me I'm not even sharing all of them).  I found myself twice recently at the same place called HUGO'S, which I hadn't actually been to for years.  

First was Becky Bleus Birthday Bash(a nice alliteration for the English scholar that she is).  

(Trish, Jenna, Becky)
We saw a movie afterwards so this was our attempt to get a picture of ourselves in the theater.  I had to concentrate really hard to include the others in the shot because I kept just taking pictures of my own giant melon.

(Jenna, Trish, Becky, Shan)

Let's keep this rolling to the next visit to Hugo's which was last week in celebration of our dear friend Shelley who is moving to New York in 4.6 days.  BOO!  Why do people leave?  BOO!! BOO!! 

Trish, extreme social butterfly, literally can manage to make it to ANY event you are able to schedule.  She is a Clockstopper (and an extrovert with a capital E) and always manages to be enjoying herself in the midst of it all!  Just when I get cocky and start thinking I can do this, something switches off in my brain and I dart for cover bolting the door behind me.  
Oh yes, I wasn't going to start rambling was I?  Here's the second group with Trish and Shan as common denominators. 

(Joy, Hannah, Shelley, Tab)
(Trish, Deanna)
(Hannah, Joy, Tabs, Shelley)
(Trish, Me)
And then Jamey decides to take his turn as a socialite.  Sunday night he went out with 7-ish dudes and then brought them all home for a movie afterwords.  I had to speed unload and reload the dishes all the while tap dancing with rags on each foot to quick clean the floors for the "surprise" drop-ins.  I really should do more daily maintenance.

(Todd, Jamey, Vance)
This is how I distract people who are trying to look at a neglected part of my house.  "Have you seen my lillies? Aren't they pretty?"  casually scooting them out the front  and away from a dusty piece of furniture. 

(Asiatic, Calla)
Of course, we could just move out to the prairie and no one would ever drop by to see us.  This is a house on ten acres we looked at last week.  BAH-HA!  I think it's funny too.  Get a load of the mow job we'd be taking on.  Oh, and I might not be able to stay there at night either which would be tricky.  But the view was delicious indeed!  Too bad the house was a little small.  It was almost perf.....OK! I know you are still laughing at City Mouse.  I can hear you!!  

So there's yet another haphazard wrap up. Can you tell I'm a procrastinating poster?  I guess I like to do my blog newspaper style and give a little synopsis of my world at large.  Tomorrow I've got about 14 things to do so it's possible I'll be rambling again soon at a blog near you.  You want to keep up, but not THAT close? Alright, I understand. ;)  Signing off.


dive said...

I'm exhausted just reading your post.
What a party girl!
And yay to party boy, Jamey!
That house looks lovely (small? You could fit my house in the porch!) but ten acres? Don't do it!!!!!

AfricaBleu said...

Where is that house? Is it perchance in Oklahoma, out off of Chewey? Because it looks strangely like this "abandoned house" my parents made me go look at a few weeks ago (they were looking at the adjacent property).

Shan said...

I commend you for making it through the whole report Dive. Obviously I was quite free all morning though as it took me that whole time to post it. hehheh

Bleubots, No it must be a different house. This one is just past John L's house and we would have been able to flicker lights at one another across the wilderness. That was my whole goal anyway. I'll guess I'll stay City Gal for now.

Tally said...

Did Becky say perchance? Heeheeheehee!

Good job on the super long blog. Well, I better get back to that hideous floor. Tootles.

dean r said...

good job on the super long hair!
I think I miss being there most of all because I love your long hair... let's just see how long that lasts this summer,ha.
great pics.
I'm all about helping with landscape but 10 acres?

AfricaBleu said...

What's wrong with perchance, Trish? Are you mocking me, perchance? Perchance I'll kick your butt at your garden party on Sunday. BRING IT!!

Shan said...

Ok ok settle down. Long hair Dean? I guess I don't notice it getting any longer-just curlier for some reason. Trish's is long too eh? Perchance were you speaking of hers?
Am I supposed to be helping with your floors Trisha? I haven't been running over every chance this week have I?

MmeBenaut said...

Ah, Shan, you have the eyes of a cat - pale green - and the most gorgeous curly red hair. With a name like Shannon, you must have a bit of Irish in there somewhere! What a busy girl you've been and what lovely girlfriends!

Shan said...

Thank you Mme B. You are so sweet. Actually yes, you got it on the nose, I'm 3/4 Irish, 1/4 Native American(because I was born in Oklahoma) and 1/4 feline. Bahha.
Actually I think my parents did well with the Shannon name. They didn't know what my heritage was but I claim Irish when I reach for the extra red hair color box. ;)

Jenna Jean said...

I am kicking myself for not getting the Patty Melt, it sounds so good right now. Oh and I could go for some of Hugo's fries!!!

Busy Busy, you are!

10 acres sound dreamy.

Maria said...

Um...what was the movie you saw? I need that sort of information....

Shan said...

Maria, you know I have to keep SOME things private on my blog! I couldn't possibly share the title of the movie we watched.
I know I'm a cheek. Actually, I would have said but I couldn't easily remember so I called it "a movie" instead. Ok give me a second and I'll reach back. Let's see...it was Becky's choice...something girlie...I'VE GOT IT! Mrs. 'Pettigrew lives for a day'.
YES!! And I really liked it too!!

Or were you being sarcastic. I couldn't quite read your tone there Maria. ;)

RoverHaus said...

I love the part about distracting your house guest with your lilies. I thought we were the only ones who tried that stuff!

Anonymous said...

fun pictures, shan. i remember hugos. i can't remember what i got the one time i went there, but i remember it was incredibly tasty.

can't wait to see your 4 things. :) and...yes, i have had an inordinate number of jobs. i think i'm the quintessential jack (or jill) of all trades. fine when you're 26...not so good when you're 36. ah, well.

Hillary said...

OK. Let's get this straight. We do NOT say "oot and aboot!" We DON'T! *giggles!*

Sounds like you HAVE been busy! I think I'm the extrovert type, too, though lately I feel like I've become a bit of a hermit. I'm severely due for a big bash at my place!

And I'm with ya on the mowing thing. Ten acres? No thank you!

Scout said...

I don't know why people leave—it sucks.

I love the shot with your hand on your hips. What a sassy broad you are!