Wednesday, July 9, 2008

WFMW: Clean to the MAX!!

[The much more famous Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer hosts many useful tips on her site every Wednesday.  I thought I'd add one of my own.]

Do you ever find your floors in need of an overnight-sized clean.  Do you want to give them that extra level of protection they deserve so that they don't embarrass you when company shows up at the door.  

Then pop a giant maxi on your Swiffer* and get to work!  No need to buy expensive goes-with-the-product pads when you probably have a hospital flow level maxi right underneath your bathroom vanity.  With this special moisture locking core you can be sure to catch any awkward leaks.

Now that's protection that'll keep your floors fresh all day! 

*Swiffer has not been successful with tampon use.  Tampons however may be used for spot treatments and/or cleaning piano keys. 


Jamey Clayberg said...

ba haa

RoverHaus said...

Shannon, you are hilarious. What a very resourceful idea! I may actually try this some day. As for the tampon ideas I'm still laughing about the visual I have of you cleaning your piano keys one by one with a tampon. :)


Heart of Wisdom said...

Oh my goodness. That is great.

I may actually try it.
I will have to weight the cost of each...I think the Maxi's will win..


thanks for the laugh.

RoverHaus said...


These also make good bandages. I've used a couple to keep wounds from scabbing to my clothes.

It's hard to explain at the doctor's office when they ask to see how things are healing, but they work.

You're a hoot!
(gee, that sounded so cracker-barrel of me, huh?)

dive said...

Darn it! I'm right out of 'em.

Jenna Jean said...

No really, I think you have something there...

Sara said...

that's a bit disturbing. I don't ever want to see a maxi covered in dirt and grim lying around on your floor when I come to visit. I'll head right back to africa!
Your back! I'm back! Need to get back into the groove of communicating, me thinks.
I just listened to this clip from 'me talk pretty one day'..have you listened to that?

Suzanne Eller said...

How funny!

I loved what you said about Oklahoma in Shannon's post today. You are right. They do find toothless people to interview in Oklahoma -- every time. And yet Oklahoma is gorgeous and filled with warm, welcoming people (teeth or no teeth).

Missy said...


MmeBenaut said...

You are a circus Shan. If I had any of things in my cupboard any more, I'd give them a try! Hee hee.

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

HA!! And I actually have a Swiffer and no refills. Hmmm....
Yeah, great for the red punch spills. Hubby might totally freak.