Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sleeping Cuties

I know I shouldn't have stopped mid-transfer to snap a picture of this little boy sleeping on the stairs, but I simply couldn't help myself.  He wanted to stay awake until 'So you think you can dance', dance, dance was over at 9:00 tonight.  Well, short story short, he didn't make it.  And, though I can actually still kind of carry him on flat ground for a few feet, stairs would never happen with a 10 year old thrown over my shoulder.  I just finished walking him around the corner from the living room, torso hunched over, head dangling to the floor when I had to set him down on the steps to reconfigure my grip.  He sat there with his upper half circling in a counterclockwise motion totally unaware he was anywhere but neatly tucked in his bed.  Bah-ha.  
While upstairs, I thought I might as well catch the Dandy in passed out mode as well  and squirt some ointment into his right eye.  He really dislikes this procedure when awake so I figured since I was already a marionette master, why not also become the  "ointment fairy" and leave blurred vision behind as my signature move.  It's not really a fun surprise; but a surprise none-the-less. Even in sleep though this one's tricky-rat durn!  He managed to keep that eye guarded by pillow or blankie with his every move.  I guess I'll have to revert back to screaming headlock style tomorrow night.

Oh the sweetness of my sleeping babes.  I'm just drinking it in.  And now I think I'll sit and listen to the silence for a while.  


Fifi said...

That first pic is hilarious!!! Aren't they all angels in sleep mode?!?

MmeBenaut said...

There's nothing quite like a sleeping child to bring out tenderness and a wish to sit back and enjoy the quiet, happy in the knowledge that they're safe, dreaming their dreams.
These are great photos of your boys Shan.

You do make me laugh with the way you write; just plain funny. I'm giggling and it's nearly 4.00 am!! I fell into bed at 9.30 pm after a full day outside burning off, raking etc. and could barely move my back was so bad (I know, I deserved it) and M.B had to not only order pizza but bring it to me in bed. I woke up at just before 2.00 am. Thank goodness I can sleep in because I don't have two little boys to wake me up!

Sara said...

Two perfect things: the look of sleeping children and the SOUND of sleeping children. Both deelightful.
I heard the movie was AWFUL! Sorry. Funny, though. Pretty funny! Wish I had been there to join in the poking fun at.
Get anything good??

dive said...

Oh, boy, Shan!
The first photo is so hilarious but don't let him ever see it and DEFINITELY don't show it to any girlfriends he may bring home in a few years. No jury would ever convict him of the ensuing matricide! Hee hee.

Shan said...

Yes, Fifi. It is never a chore to mother a dreaming child. They are simply delicious!

Mme: I'm glad I amuse you. I am one of those who acts silly most of the time. It's nice that I'm still allowed. ;)
You are a little work mare lately! I don't see how you WOULD find time to cook after all that raking and such. I guess beautiful land comes with some big responsibility doesn't it?

Sars: I love our babies though none of them would really want me to call them that now. OH, and that movie. Becky and I were crying and trying to catch our breath at parts! Oh my! And you will die when you see what they made Colin Firth do at the end. I called out NO!!! Ha ha. It still makes me laugh recalling it all.

Dive: I KNOW I shouldn't have but he is still just young enough not to be horrified now. I showed him the picture but not exactly on the blog....I try not to do anything tooooo hideous to the poor fam. It's going to get harder pretty soon though. hehheh

RoverHaus said...


You have some precious little guys. Wanna do an arranged marriage thing with my daughters?

We're still counting on it, you know!

Maria said...

I love to watch my little girl sleep....funny how they look so incredibly tender, huh?

dean r said...

shannon, either here or an email, i want to hear a full report on the film. also the kids, they are growing so fast. hope you enjoy your weeknd with the boys.

Anonymous said...

Where are the pics of YOU sleeping??? Now THAT would be funny... I just know it! ha!