Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What? For ME? (A.K.A. Yet another self centered entry)

HEY EVERYBODY!  IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!  Oops, but if I don't stop yelling about it I may get a citation with a sarcastically placed bow on the corner from my silence loving town.  Sorry guys....I'll put the crock on simmer now.  

Yes, it is my special day. And for some reason this year I'm on a little marathon of celebrating.  It started with a huge batch of this from my Mo and Do, that I actually purchased at the beginning of summer to attempt to undo next years wrinkles (ah, vanity).   Then on Saturday,  all three of our ninety year old Grandmas rang in their warm wishes with cards in the mail.  I was so touched that even Jamey's dear Grandmothers could  manage to think of me so far away and get a card off ahead of time when their lives are still as busy as mine!  What an amazing generation.

Then on Sunday my precious Mother-in-law made about 400(give or take ;) of her famous eggrolls and all the sides for our large Siloam family of 16 to celebrate, you guessed it, ME!  Oh man those things are good!  They have these translucent little noodles inside with sausage...DON'T GET ME STARTED.  I had two, because I'm a lady.  But, when Dandy wasn't managing to eat the eggroll left on his plate, I crammed that sucker in my mouth like a starving stray animal, wildly looking around to see if anyone was encroaching on me from either side.  But, you know, it was MY birthday dinner so BACK OFF PEOPLE!  

Ahem, cough. [composer regained].  Next evening comes, and Jamey and the boys having already presented me with this, also surprised me with this sign outside the dining room.

And then I saw these guys.

That's when I squealed and grabbed the camera and took in the whole scene.

Jamey made a huge dinner of homemade meatballs and spaggetti with all the trimmings.  He and the boys gave me the 5 star treatment, waiting on me from all directions!

I told him if this was thirty-nine, I'd have to really strap my boots on for forty because I can't imagine feeling more special!  Tee hee HEE!  

I'm still giddy because I'm scheduled to go out with some gizzurl friends tonight to see two of my favorite dude actors Pierce Brosnan(forever Remington Steele to me), and Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy, twice over-sigh); not to mention the always fabulous Meryl Streep- all wrapped up together in one of my favorite musicals to date!  MAMA-MIA!  

I grew up listening to ABBA.  On family road trips growing up, my Dad tended to pop a cassette into the player and it would remain there throughout the trip, playing over and over for the entire drive.  Needless to say, some of the most memorable moments in my upbringing have the lyrics of 'Dancing Queen' and 'Super Trooper' scripted secretly inside them much like Gollum's Precious.  

When I saw Mama Mia with my bff Arlynda in a Traveling stage production a few years back, my eyes glowed as they drank in the whole show with thirsty nostalgia rushing back into my mind for neglected sips.  AHHHHH!  (Belch-whoops,where'd the lady go, birthday girl?)  Naturally, it only fits that the movie would come out in perfect time to see it  CELEBRATION STYLE.  Yips!

So, like I said, look out forty, thirty nine's already a giddy mess of "Aw shucks" as it is.  I simply couldn't feel more special or more youthful.....unless, well....there is one thing that would make it puurrrrrfect.  A comment from YOU!  Thanks everyone for such a great birthday! Love and perhaps even hugs, Shans


Anonymous said...

Happy Bithday.

dive said...

Happy Birthday, Shan! Yaaaaay!
Hoorah for Jamey and the boys! That's brilliant!
And an Abba-fest, too! Woohoo!
What a fantastic celebration and of course you deserve all of it and more!

Scout said...

Happy birthday, Shan! Your celebration sounds so amazing—you have a thoughtful and loving family.

And 40 is a good year. You'll enjoy that one, too, I'm sure.

Jamey Clayberg said...

You're always a VIP at Cafe Momi! XOXO

Jenna Jean said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Can't wait to party on down with you tonight!

Shan said...

Thank you for the commentitos Charlie, Dive, Scout, JC and JJ! I FEEL... HAPPY. Yes, that is what I feel. Oh, and blessed. I feel verrry blessed as well. :)

sarah cool said...


also, eggrolls, YUM!! yum.

and happy birthday AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

woohoo! happy birthday, and give my love to remington steele. ;-) me-yow!

RoverHaus said...


You have some amazing boys!

I wouldn't have judged you for the egg-roll. Thanks for the laugh. Great description of how I usually feel when I am enjoying something really tasty.

I wish you a happy day!

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

How fantastic!! Happy Birthday Shan!!! And enjoy your GNO; I didn't know that Colin Firth was in Mama Mia. Hmmm...I need to see that.

SlushTurtle said...

Happy Birthday Shan!!!

Mom Keena said...

If you're anything like me, and we are obviously It's-my-birthday-so-what-did-you-get-me twins, a birthday wish late in the day, is better than no birthday wish at all! And for the record, it still is your birthday here in Bozeman! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sara said...

I would have LOVED to be there for the girl party! Happy Birthday, Shan! Love you!

Arl said...

Happy Birthday girl.

We celebrated here in Tulsa by going to the Jupiter Jump place today, Ethan went down the slide for you. I would have but they don't allow adults. Please what defines a person as an adult when it comes to a jupiter jump. Just let me jump.

I do remember those Abba filled road trips with your family. Your family was so sweet to endure all the singing that was coming from the backseat, because I know they couldn't possibly hear Abba singing. :)

Cheers to you for another great year.

Love Arl

Shan said...

OHHHH thanks to the rest of you as well! I had a great night out with my gf's. Mama mia was a laugh riot (although we were laughing at them more than with sometimes-oops) We decided there had been some serious miscasting in certain areas. Ahhhh.

MmeBenaut said...

I can't believe I missed this and am a day late (your time). So,
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday deeeaaaar Shaaaannnn
Happy birthday to you.

I can see that you had a great time with eggrolls and spagetti and three charming waiters.
Way to go Momi!!!!
Happy 39th sweetie. xxxxxoooooxxxxx

Terroni said...

I know. I'm late. Such is my way. Just ask the sibs. This year I wished my sister a happy birthday the first week of June. She was born the last week of April. She was excited because I remembered (approximately) how old she was. It's progress.

That said...

Here's to the next 40!


AfricaBleu said...

Mama mia, did we have fun at your berfday party or WHAT? I am sososo glad we were in agreement on the miscasting of that teen dream, Meryl Streep--egad, my dear Watson!

Seriously for reals--(lapsing into Yoda accent now)blast I had. More, more, more--what was that movie we saw previewed that we said was next on the girls’ night agenda in September? I've forgotten already.

Fifi said...

Oh my..... you have a special family and some great friends!
So glad you had a fantastic birthday!

Dear Prudence said...

AWW, Sorry I missed the actual day but the sentiment is the same. Happy Happy Birthday Shan!

Missy said...

Oh man, I am REALLY late to the party here, but Happy Very Belated Birthday! Your guys rocked with the VIP treatment. You are so lucky!