Friday, July 18, 2008

A Mid-Summer Nights Dream Job

I haven't been bloggercising much this week, I realize.  And, like exercise, when you slack off on your regular activity, you tend to slowly drift away until one day "puff", it floats away from the mother ship entirely adrift in cyberspace.  That's pretty much what has happened to my Myspace page.  Occasionally someone will find me on it and I'll plug in momentarily, but otherwise it is fully adrift. 
 And Facebook?  Faget about it.  I haven't ever connected with my spot in that realm.  It's there, but only gets scraps of attention from me.  I don't think a huge amount of people my age have these types of accounts so maybe that's why I've lost interest.  The Fogunator 2000 (the Aging ray gun of life) must be taking affect on me because I can't keep up with all of these new sources of communication. 

 Right now I enjoy blogging. Quite a lot actually.  I especially enjoy checking in on other people.  I hope to continue fitting it in when I start working or schooling or creek snorkeling my way to fitness, whatever, while the boys are back in school this Fall. I've never really been known for my multi-tasking skills.  So if busy happens...blogging might, in fact,not.  

And that brings me to the yearly question:

  What should I do for the next school year? 

 Let me see what happens if I just brainstorm it right here and now.  

  • Try for a part-time job at the University down the street- low pay but might get the "work" gears turning again (and I could still pick the kids up after school).
  • Get a job at a dentist office in town- There are no Oral Surgeons here so it would just be regular dental work.  (lower pay-may be boring)
  • Drive to one of the bigger cities to work-  Definitely would have to make enough to cover driving and car use.   And of course it's  far from kiddies who need me every day at 3:00.
  • Nothing- Keep blogging and kickin' around the house.  Not a real plan for the future but veeeeerrry easy.  Availability level to kids-HIGH. Depression also possible here due to aimless "kickin'" guilt.
  • Stay home AND WORK on the house- Make a plan and execute it!  I don't do much when I have lots of free time and little spending money. Still quite available, though working on the house IS easier with $$$$
  • Take a couple of classes at the Community College 40 minutes away- Involves study, spending money AND driving.  Would take prerequisites toward Nursing school.  Would I ever get accepted in with my G.P.A curled up in a ball and rocking in the corner feeling entirely inadequate?  This is unknown.
  • Homeschool my kiddos- What?!  I've been pondering it every year for five years.  Why stop now?    
  • Get an LPN at a closer tech school- And creep along toward my Bachelors in Nursing goals while working under people I could have given birth to.  This might make getting accepted into nursing school more possible for me, so if I really want it...
  • Go straight to the four year school 45 minutes away and just try to finish in whatever I'm closest to (or go for Nursing there)-  This costs more than Community College, but is about the same distance out of town.
  • Get a degree online- Do people really do this or are all the ads just trying to convince me?  What I like about this option is I would never have to take 'Public Speaking' because I would never actually be in public.  This type of degree might not hold water with every company I would want to work for AND it's on the pricey side.
  • Finish my stupid degree at JBU- I went there 3 years and then went elsewhere for my forth and fifth (I'm still kicking my younger self in the hind).  The price would be the highest yet, and they don't have Nursing.  I'd have to get a degree in Broadcasting or Psychology since I have the most hours racked up in those. And those may not make my money back, ever. Grrr. 
  • Have Hubby teach me Graphic Design- I have some design ability inside me somewhere. I just don't know if it wants to come out on a daily basis.  This would be "experimental only" for a while.  My personality is right on the line between artsy and practical.  I put things together in my mind and wish I could execute them so, maybe.  At least there would be no sewing involved.
  • Take some computer class to be more hire-able in an office setting- This would be at that Tech school again just outside of town.  A possible yawner.
  • Go to school for my original dream:  studying theatre, dance and vocal music- Who am I kidding? I'm too old for two out of three of those and I don't enjoy "drama people" in general.  We are way too much when three or more are gathered together, jazz hands splayed.  
  • Take Real Estate Classes and be "Licensed to Sell"- I house hunt all the time but would I suddenly feel annoying if I could turn a profit from finding people houses?  Plus, the market is mush right now so I might only be paying fees to keep my license current.
  • Keep plotting some genius business idea to make money in this town-  So far I've got nuttin'.  
  • Find jobs in another city- Leave sweet little Siloam, Jamey's whole family and a decent public school system, in the dust. :( Sad, but oddly exciting because I like change.
Well, that's certainly a list.  I wonder if I'll choose any of those things.  I feel no more certain now than I did last year when pondering my future. But, I DO feel a touch more ambition this time around. Or maybe I just want to be able to buy stuff. Can't tell.

 What do you guys see in my future? Maybe one of you will give me an idea. Try not to make me cry with your answers. That irritating voice in my head is already leaving me a rude comment.  I plan on deleting it.   


Maria said...

I say work if you can. But that is just because I am one of those people who have "bag lady syndrome." No matter how much money I make, I am always certain that I will be sitting alone somewhere, an old, old woman, clutching my shopping bag around me.

AfricaBleu said...

First off, let me lay on the table that I H-A-T-E the last option--hate, hate, HATE it, so just throw it away. Right now. There is enough adventure to be had right where you are--you don't have to seek it elsewhere. I will drag you to the limestone waterfall to remind you that (holler at her, Trish). NO LEAVING.

Now onto your question: School, school, school, school. NSU would be my suggestion, of course, but the comm. college might not be a bad idea, either. You can tailor it to fit your boys' schedules. You ARE smart, despite your protests, and having just recently been there myself, I can say, with some confidence, that you would have fun. I promise I will help you get through Speech; if She-of-the-quivering-voice-and-trembling-lips can do it, Ms. "Tah-Dah" can certainly pull it off. The world needs a compassionate nurse/caregiver-of-some-sort like you, and you would be awesome at it.

However, I would also like to see you in another fine dramatic production, so you should fit that in, too. Put on your hat of dried sunflowers and just DO IT.

Shan said...

Thanks for your input ladies. :)
Maria: My mom has that same syndrome and I'll bet it's as likely an ending for you as for her. I know what you mean though. I just don't want to be stuck doing something I hate or makes piddly cash just because I'm not qualified to do anything else. It seems like I could sacrifice a little while for study but it SCARES ME.

Beck Bleu: Did you see that last line. It SCARES ME! I'm not made of the same hearty fabric and clear thinking brain that you are. I'm only on about 1/3 to half of the time. The rest of the time I wallow around in my own drool and faded dreams.
Thanks for always having my back though. You DO give me courage and inspiration.
I map quested both NSU and U of A and the first was 46 miles and 1:01 est time. It's the level of curves and country roads that I can't handle as well though.
The U of A is only about 36 miles and 45 min. but that campus seems hellish on the parking and getting around adding time there as well. Yuck.

Sara said...

Are you asking this question AGAIN??? Oh, dear, girly. I think you should open up your own fun store with the funky finds that you find at garage sales. Like your velvet pictures. OR, you could have Jamey set up your own computer store and sell your finds on line. Nifty.
Then when you and my sister and jenna can save up enough money and come have a girls night with sala over here! Sounds pretty gooooood.

MmeBenaut said...

Shan, I think you would be a wonderful nurse or psychologist but the cost at the moment is too high, both for you and the boys and Jamey. You probably have another 40 years to develop a career (well, perhaps not nursing). You could study psychology online to a certain extent, I think and then practice from home, part time. That's a long term vision.
For the short term, you should take community classes in theatre and dance just for the sheer fun of it.
To make some bucks - how about opening a children's party shop - one that sells glitter, masks, hats, balloon, streamers and all of the party trinkets. Perhaps a little boys dress up wardrobe - 10 outfits of batman or robin or the lone ranger or spiderman suits. You could hire out chairs and plates and trestle tables. You'd need to get a van if you were to deliver but you could also have clients pick them up. You could have a joint business with a face painter and a clown - arrange the bookings, etc. You could hire Jamey to sing!!
Gosh, I'm rambling. How about "Fairy Classes" for little girls? (You might need some tuition here).
When you're hanging about the phone waiting for the orders to come in, you could be studying - in between running the house, running the family, doing the laundry.
I don't think that raising a family and full time work is fair on a woman. Whatever you do sweetie, make sure it is part time and that you have some time to rest.

dean r said...

stay home and work no the house?!?!?! ba ha ha ha.... ;)

hey only the first two gel with me. and I like what becky said you got to get back into a production downtown SERIOUSly.

no driving anywhere far,
and you're only allowed to move to California, but if you ain't happy with the funding in Siloam then why bother with California.... yikes.

hope summer is well. I look forward to seeing the fam this fall. latah!

Trish said...

If you like the idea of nursing, how about volunteering at the St. Francis Clinic once a week. Or, if you wanted to get some ultrasound training, you could do untrasounds at the pregnancy center once a week/month. OR, you could volunteer to counsel at the CPC once a week/month... I like the kids' party shop too! Wouldn't it be great to have a party and not have to clean before...and then after!! How great would that be!!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Ohhhh, I love the kids' party store idea, too!!
And I SO know the frustration you're dealing with regarding JBU. I loved going to school there, but I have lots of credits that won't transfer, and I'd like to pursue a major that they don't have. Hmph!

I also like the idea of online classes to avoid public speaking. Maybe the kids' store could pay for online classes, that you could work on while you are at the shop.

I agree with mmebenaut. Just do part-time whatever you do. Otherwise the stress gets to be too much on everyone.

Shan said...

Salalala_ If only we had several thousand to spend on a girls night out! I think it might be easier if you would just drag your own purty self back over here!

Mme B- I LOVED this practical and well thought out bit of suggestions. You should have seen my face whilst reading it. :) You really got my mental wheels turning with those store ideas! We DO have to be extremely careful in this small town to open something that people are willing to spend money on.
And I agree about the full time mom/ job combo. I don't think I would want to swing more than part time at this point-unless it were my own business venture.

Dean: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Gee, you are sounding so sensible in your older age. keekee That was quite sound advice sir. And YES, work on the house-MOCKER! I can decorate and paint stuff dude!

S.K.S: I know! That place can be so frustrating! It's right there, yet so un-user friendly! It's just a good thing I'm not a cursing gal. AAAaaaargh.
Ok, I've calmed down again. ;)

Bekah said...

I didn't know you wanted to be a nurse! I just signed up to go back to school today and I am going for nursing too! I am super excited!
I know thing could have changed but last time I checked NWACC offered a 2 year nursing degree. Just another option to throw out there for ya'!

Anonymous said...

Why not open a marble slab creamery on broadway with the queen of digress? She was looking for something exciting too. I would sell plasma twice a week to be able to afford the $5.00 ice cream cones. :)
Nursing might be the next best choice. It involves money and you can pick and chose where your want to work.
Those boys of yours are only going to be little for a few more years so part time might be an excellent choice.

Shan said...

TRISH: I realized this evening when I was thinking about this post that I didn't remember my response to you! I only responded in my head by mistake. Sorry if you checked back and were grossly ignored when the others were each addressed.

Thank you for your ideas too! I have always wanted to help at the pregnancy center but have not known how to volunteer there. What's this business about doing the ultrasounds? That usually requires a wee bit of sonography study doesn't it? I'd fall over myself and others to get to wave that wand around! Count me in!
I do like the freedom of volunteering. Hadn't thought of being a candy striper though. Good thinking. Hmmmm and hmmmm. :)

Bekah: YOU ARE?! I already fired off an email to discuss the ins and outs with you. Did you get it?

Charlie: BahHA plasma, some things are worth the sacrifice Charlie! That's the spirit!
Wouldn't a Marble Slab look great downtown? Maybe the JBU kids would spend their parents money on it. Our town might- but it's hard to say. Q of D and I will have to workshop that idea a bit. It probably wouldn't be the best thing for a Diabetic to be surrounded by crushed candy bars and ice cream though. ;)

dean r said...

shan, your ultrasound comment reminds me of that movie juno where the step mom goes OFF on the ultrasound technician, like look here I'm a nail technician big freaking deal! ha ha ha... (hope you've seen that) later.

Anonymous said...

I realize I'm jumping in a little late on this topic and I only scanned everyone's responses so what I say may be a bit of a repeat. But, here goes:

1. I think nursing/schooling is something that you THINK you should do. You know you're going to continue to purport education to your boys, but how dare you do that when you haven't even finished a degree yourself (right?). Well, pahooey! As long as you approach it with, "On this side of things I realize that not getting a degree was probably not the best idea. However, there's no guarantee that if I had it I'd be using it. But remember this - a college degree is the first, strong step into getting access to a whole other world of opportunities that would otherwise take a bit longer to get to. So, GO TO SCHOOL, DARN IT!" VS. "Don't make the same mistakes I did because look where it got me." [How they might interpret it, "I didn't get a degree and as a result I got stuck with you two runts which ruined my life."]

2. If going to school for nursing is something that you REALLY want/need to do for yourself, how 'bout this:
A. Find out if JBU gives discounts to employees to take classes.
B. If so, get a job there and take the course work that you need to get your BS.
C. Once completed, then you can decipher whether a degree in general was what you needed or see if you want to pursue nursing.
3. The few comments I did see from your friends regarding your creativity seemed to strike a chord in me. You are so creative and zany and somehow I believe you are missing out on a goldmine of personal fulfillment and financial blessings if you could somehow figure out how to tap into that. Perhaps you could start out by collecting various pieces of things and setting up a booth at one of the many art/craft shows in NW Arkansas - like Eureka Springs. While that might seem a bit expensive for both fees, it's still cheaper than taking a big dive and opening up a brick-n-mortar store. But, going to shows will be a very FAST way to gain a name for yourself so that when you DO open a store, you'll already have a following.
4. I receive all sorts of catalogs and one of them that I enjoy is Femail Creations. I just received a cat. from them the other day and they have opportunities to become a rep for Barefoot Parties ( That might be something up your alley as well. This catalog also works with a variety of artists to sell their wares. Check it out.

I could go on and on, but I really hope you are able to turn your inner-critic off (has it EVER taken you anywhere positive?) and instead open yourself to your inner supporter - the one that supports everyone else around you so strongly and beautifully - and see where she takes you. She's a strong, powerful force and always has good things to say. LISTEN TO HER!!!!