Monday, August 25, 2008

Giddy as a schoolgirl who skipped out on math class

(Cue: sporty sounding triumphant music)

Decision '08!!! Here on this fateful day, well a few days ago really, in August, my decision regarding THIS particular school year has thus far been made!! 

 Yes, after much mulling over and uber-much transcript scrutiny. I HAVE DECIDED TO RETURN TO SCHOOL. 

 (crowd cheering sounds go up as music dies down) 

What I decided on is a multi-leveled plan including a group of dependent variables that would be allowed to unfold as this great experiment, here on out to be called "The Reschooling of Shan (TRS)", begins...ahem...again.

(cheering sounds now fading into dissappointed sigh)

Right!  So, as I was saying, this plan has several parts to it, therefore allowing me to work on it in sections.  This is helpful for several reasons.  

One being that I can accomplish small goals all along the way and give myself little reassuring pats for each separate goal achieved.  "That a girl Shanny Shan!  Look at YOU!  Who needs a treat?"

A second reason small goals are helpful is that my plan would more easily allow for those pesky little life happenings (i.e. limb breakage, spousal job change, or new fickle fancies that decide to reveal themselves amongst the daily grind). 

(Huh?  Fickle?  She must have said "pickle" because surely she's not bringing back that old excuse.)

And thirdly, if my second reason only counts as one, I'll be able to pause after phase II of my  plan and re-evaluate if more schooling is the goal or if I will be able to work happily with the choices opened up to me from phases I and II.  

(What are these phases and why is she taking so long to get to her point)

And since I just heard "phases mumble mumble long mumble mumble", maybe I should just type out my plan to have as public record.

Phase I-Get school rolling

After having three interesting part-time jobs waved under my nose, I realized something fairly important that I keep forgetting:  Most jobs go through summer and I am not willing to work at something this summer that doesn't further my eventual goal of getting a permanent interesting job.  My kids are small and I want to enjoy summers with them as much as possible.
The next thought was, I might as well be in school.  It would have been good to realize this a drop earlier, however, as the classes I need were full once I was admitted. So algebra and biology are on hold until further notice-Whew, I mean, rats! 

While enrolling and researching the possibility of getting in at the local RN school, I overheard an advisor say that one's chances were slim to none if applying to their Nursing program with anything less than a 4.00.  Now, I'm no dummy.  But I WAS when I racked up around 100 hours of moderate to hideous grades back in the day. And even as much as I have avoided taking statistics, I know there is absolutely no way if I made A's from here on out that my G.P.A. would be anything close to the perfect I need. plan in a nutshell(has she ever seen the actual size of most nutshells?). Get my L.P.N at the tech school.  And then either stop there and work, or take the classes needed for my B.S. in Nursing and go straight into that program.  With my L.P.N. I can somehow bypass all those other smart students and get right into the university's program!  Of course that's a much longer prereq. list but well worth it if I want that elusive R.N. as well as the equally elusive bachelors degree.  

('Course I may be dead or in the circus by then.  Only time will tell.)

Phase I (revised)-get certified in whatever you can.

Ok, the new phase 1 will help me to get into the new program I am wanting to pursue.  I'm relicensing myself as a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) at my previous employers office.  He has kindly agreed to order the testing materials for me and proctor my dental test.  I think this will be cake- but I'll study as to not be overly cocky.

Also, I have enrolled in Healthcare providers C.P.R. at the tech school so that I'll also have that up to date.  

Having both of these will give me two points on the admittance form for L.P.N.  The more points you have, the more likely you are to be admitted into the program.  Fortunately I have years of health related experience that count, and and a great highschool GPA.  Points for me!  And I get to count my years of college as well.  Points a plenty there.  
That brings us finally to the next phase.

Phase II- L.P.N. school

This will take about 20-25 hours of class time per week for nine months to 1 year.  Highly doable.  This summer will be a sacrifice toward my end goal so it should be worth it to pay a babysitter while away at school.

Phase III- Decide to keep schooling or start working

 I could do lots of interesting things with this certification including:  Being a school nurse(with summers off and good hours for fam), working in a doctors office(where I can secretly diagnose people all day long), work at the new hospital soon to be built in town.  Lpn's make more than dental assistants. Especially now that there is a nursing shortage.

On the other hand, if I'm still up to it, I could do two more years of Nursing school once I have all my prerequisites out of the way.  An equally daunting and rewarding final step.

So, that's my official plan.  Hopefully I don't just stop once I get my dental license and work again.  But, if we move and I have to work,  I'll be alright with that too because of my "Small Steps to Success(SSS)" experiment, or whatever I was calling it earlier.  

How does this sound to you guys?  You can just say "HORSE HOCKY!" or you can elaborate and tell me what circus to join.  I just like to hear from you! 


Sara said...

Hurray! Great plan. Well thought out strategy! You ARE a star! And I think you'd be an AWESOME school nurse, by the way. What a gentle, caring person you are for a little sniffling sicky kid to encounter when they've got the pukes and runs (i'm trying to gross you out, but I don't think your put off my fluids).
For real, GO FOR IT!!!

Maria said...

God, you really think things through before you jump, don't you? I wish I had that knack...

I got out of high school and my heart told me to study to be a high school English teacher but my brain suggested that I get on a med school track so that I could rake in the dough later in life.

Now, it is later in life and I really, really regret not following my heart.

RoverHaus said...


The circus is highly overrated!

Go for it. We're all behind you!

SlushTurtle said...

I've always thought you would be fabulous on the trapeze. Or standing atop one of those galloping horses as they careen around the tent.

Congrats on your big plan! I'm a big fan of plans (fop?).

Shan said...

Sala, Ah man I didn't realize I could be grossed out so easily! Ok, new plan tomorrow. Baha

Maria, My heart told me to be an stage actress. I chose to ignore it and just majored in the first thing that seemed remotely possible for me. That was a huge waste and my lack of earlier planning have me in this spot at nearly 40. The ignorance of youth.

Jason, Thanks for the encouragement! Circus people really travel too much for my taste. ;)

Hi Slushy, Wow! It's not everyday one gets a comment with "careen" in it! FOP's really know how to execute the descriptive vocab. Me likey. teehee

Tally said...

I've only made it part way thru phase one, but it sounds good so far. Haha!

It is funny to work thru these huge decisions on blog paper. I love the commenting input myself.

More later.....

AfricaBleu said...

Hurrah for you! Though Mygirl is a little sad she won't be tutoring you in Algebra, ha, ha.

dive said...

What abn excellent idea, Shan.
And some very impressive preparation; you've clearly thought this through.
Go for it!

If it fails, you're too cool for regular circuses, I think Monty Python's Flying Circus is the one for you.

Missy said...

You go, girl! You're my hero.