Thursday, August 21, 2008

My first car

Well, I've done it.  I have used my new scanner for the first time and I didn't even have to break out the manual.  Sure it would have taken less time to get this jazzy little number into the sweet light of current technology, but as Tom Jones (and whoever else) put it, "I DID IT MYYYYY WAY!!!!"  And what we have now is a shining new ability to post pictures of any sort from my piles and piles of unorganized old photos!!

But before you cry out "What small fortune have I just stumbled 
upon?!!" I'll probably not feel like digging through a bunch of 80's pics of non de-script personal nostalgia on a daily basis, so lets just revel in this lone accomplishment together, shall we?  I DO have plans for a hairdo's in history post in the semi-near future so there will be more scans.  This birthday present will not and has not gone to waste no sir-ee!

And now on to the car.  No, not you silly.  ME!  I am seen here proudly perched upon my 1981(?) Chevy Chevette complete with faux luggage rack (no doubt) and powder blue exterior.  This baby went at least 55mph on the highways if you could find the pedal-which was smaller than a pantiliner- and punch it to the floor with steady bug squashing pressure at the ball of your foot.  

Yes, it showed nicely.  Especially when my bff Kim and I parked our Chevettes beside each other or nose to tail in the street.  Her car just happened to look exactly like mine right down to the color.  Well, hers WAS lacking the "for hot looks only" luggage rack.  And she tended to have a nip more punch in her standard transmission, allowing "Skeeter" to be that smidge faster than "Lurky" could manage on the uptake.   

They were truly pals just as Kim and I were and fortunately still are. Our cars had a much shorter friendship due to my early attempts at multi-tasking.  Lurky met his death when I rear ended the car in front of me while driving to school.  It didn't take a real seasoned detective to see who was in the wrong when I was the one with liquid makeup sloshed all over the inside of my front window.  

From that wreck I learned the valuable lesson of always using a cake like base coat or wand of makeup for ease of car application . No messy windshields for me next time!   Uh uhh.

So, there's my entry to the first car challenge set before me by Katie, Dive and Scout. Hope you enjoyed my tale as much as my white socked pose.  Now does anyone else want to dig up a photo or wax on about your first beloved car?  


sarah cool said...

oh my gosh... best picture ever!!!! i cannot believe you crashed because of MAKE UP! That is awesome. I mean, sad. I'm sorry. (BUT AWESOME)

Tally said...

You really debuted your scanner skills with a bang!!! Excellent photo choice. I will need to see the real deal up close to get a good gander at that hair.

Now you've got me jealous and I may just have to mosey on over with some oldies but goodies of my own.

"I love technology....."
---Kip Dynamite

dive said...

Oh, that WONDERFUL engithies look, Shan! Hee hee hee!
Much more on the history of your hair, please! We've all done it during last year's "Bad Hair Week", so now you have your scanner you can join the parade of shame.
Great little car! American cars are rarely "cute" so it is nice to see one that kinda qualifies.

dive said...

Please excuse my morning in typo hell.

Terroni said...

Was that a car behind your bangs?

Scout said...

She's a real beauty—55 mph on the highway is a treasure of a car. I'm surprised you didn't keep it. hee hee

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face and am laughing so hard that I think it's turning into an asthma attack!!!! THIS IS CLASSIC - both picture and corresponding story. Thanks for great Sunday afternoon entertainment!

Katie said...

What a totally awesome car! And you look really hot posing on it too. The makeup story is a classic; too too funny. Great that you have the scanner working! I think a bad hair style challenge could prove very interesting. Isn't technology grand!

Missy said...

Oh MY, that brings back a lot of memories! I remember the twin Chevettes and someone (maybe Katrina?) singing Little Blue Chevette ala Prince. And I remember the wreck too. Oh man, good times..... (well, except for the whole wreck thing, but HEY, at least you weren't hurt.)