Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's Friday. Wanna watch a video?

A friend of mine sent this Youtube around the other week, and I still scroll down to it and watch occasionally because it made me 
chuckle so heartily the first time. It would be fun to have the skills to add your own 
sillies to old clips, methinks.

I don't necessarily understand this 
performance style because I am 
just a Rod Stewart knock-off 
wedding singer, but people like Joe 
Cocker and Bruce Springsteen seem 
to have done pretty well for themselves 
with their pained faces and flailing sweaty 
limbs. So who am I to critique?  
John Mayer is a devotee of face pulling 
as well and it doesn't stop Jennifer 
Aniston types from going after him.  
Every jar has a lid I s'pose.  
Ah, but once again I seem to be straying off 
into the Neverlands so I shall be off. 
Have a drug-free weekend everyone!! :D


Shazza said...

HA! I'm not sure I get the whole "wonder loaf" and "probiotics" thing...but hey brother Joe ROCK ON dude! Rock on!

Anonymous said...

You want facial contortionists? Check out this chic. Rachelle Ferrell is her name and she's one of my favorite singers ever, but the stuf she does with her mouth is amazing and makes it very difficult to watch her. However, if you just listen, I promise you'll get goosebumps.

Listen/Watch this video at about 4:12. It will bbbuuulllowww you're mind:

dive said...

Sigh …
Thanks for that, Shan; it brought back so many memories (even with the gigglesome subtitles).
I'm off to ingest industrial quantites of hallucinogenic drugs and alcohol.

MmeBenaut said...

I'll never be able to hear that song the same way again Shan. That was such a big hit when I was 13!!

I love some of Joe Cocker's songs but I was always disturbed by the way he looked. I now recognise it as someone in a truly alcoholic state - I think he used to drink whiskey. He ended up being so famous for that particular event that he put the flailing thing into all his routines. Perhaps (probably) there were some drugs too. Woodstock shocked the world at the time.

I loved all the captions - someone went to a great deal of trouble to do all that! Gorgeous.

Happy Sunday sweetheart to you and Jamey and the boys.

Jenna Jean said...

That was quit the video, very entertaining! I checked out Lynette's gal and she was a little painful to watch but she did sound great!

Sara said...

I always thought the guy that sang that song was black and I thought the back up singers were black ladies. I had envisioned..oh, I forgot his name, the guy that was blind (not stevie wonder..the other guy that used to do coke commercials). I thought it was him.
How dissatisfying to discover in sweaty, balding white man with a tucked in tye dye shirt.