Monday, April 14, 2008

Hey Dean! They're doing our gig!

Note to reader: Sorry about the word scramble.
I'll need tech support to fix it.

I first heard about this group on NPR's 
This American Life. 
I LOVE how they do these performances
right in the middle
of an unsuspecting crowd,
but the skits are harmless
and entertaining
without being disgusting and
gross (like those prankster shows-blech). 
I would eat up the part of
singing lemonade girl in this one!! WEEEEEE :D

Have a simply spontaneous day! xoxo Shan


Tally said...

OH SHAN! That made me howl!!! That was AWESOME! I'm totally ready for your debut at the NWA mall! I'll be the lady who drops her Chinese food back in her plate from shock.

sarah cool said...

AHHHHHHHHH!!! I have gotten so much JOY from watching this!!!!

sarah cool said...

i love that the feeling i had was sheer joy, and when i looked on their website, chaos & joy is their goal! ACCOMPLISHED!

Shan said...

Teeheehee! I know, I know! Love it!

Shan said...
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dean r said...
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dean r said...

very SHWEET! yeah i would be the guy sitting in dumbfoundment, and then suddenly join in. ha. I'm ready

WendyJanelle said...

LOVE it!!! Oh, how fun!! Watch, that'll be the day I'm out without my camera!! ;-)
I wonder if I could get some friends to really do this kind of thing with me. Hmmm...the wheels are turning. My sisters are kinda crazy, I bet they would. Heh heh.

Scout said...

That is the coolest thing! I want to be in the cast. What fun, but you'd think the people in the food court would be a little less...I don't know...dim.

Sara said...

what gets me is how some of the audience members look like grumps thru the whole gig. i would have been smiling like an idiot thru the entire thing. what a fun thing to do. its like making life a musical.

Maria said...

I love their stuff. I think my favorite is the one in grand central central station where they all freeze at the same time...