Monday, April 7, 2008

Todays special: Spicy Pony Head with curried beet root foam

Every Sunday for the past several months I've been skipping off to choir practice. Sound effect: {mi mI MI!!!!! squawk- cough cough}. That wraps up somewhere in the five-thirty zone and then usually chatting or walking the town with my bff, Bleu, immediately follows.

All that to say...I'm never really home on Sunday nights. And neither are the groceries. At this point in the week my oh so carefully chosen groceries have mostly been turned into other meals, consumed in a horrific binge or shunned for being "so yesterday".

So being the resourceful and food network watching husband that he is, Jamey tends to seize these moments like he's just been challenged. He takes on challenger Dullf Oodscraps time and time again and always ends up on top!

Let's Meet Iron Chef Jamey:

Now let's see what he's made with last weeks leavings...

Wow folks, I've never seen a meatless musing quite as well plated as this one. It looks like he's toasted and seasoned some end-o-the bag bread, stacking it into some sort of log home that has been furnished with a grilled sweet potato. Fabulous! And is that what's left of the zucchini julienned and topped with a fully strung string cheese? "I think it is Shan." Who was that? Anyway, great use of the weeks neglected vegetables here Chef!
Now on to the next weeks challenge: Slightly different fridge and pantry, same lacking of interesting supplies. Let's see what he's done....

Yes!! He's beaten Dulf Oods once again with this colorful and dynamic bit of cookery! I see we have some grilled chicken fanned out here with a decorative spray of hickory barbecue sauce. Way to give a nod at the young Western judge in the room! And here's some sort of tomato sauce chutney atop a nice nest of plain white rice. Good one hiding that fiber free staple under a more complexly hued fare. Add to that a fresh veggie melange and I believe we've got a seventh well rounded dinner for the week! Nice work!

cue: applause (up and fade again)

And now, I will leave you with a link to a little fine dining skit that caught me off guard one day and gave me quite the belly laugh. Enjoy.

Spicy Pony Head


Shelley said...

Shannon. What a way to start my day. This post is HILARIOUS. Thank you funnygirl.

Sara said...

Yu-hummy. He's been watching you all these years, I think. Taking little cues and learning the tricks of the Shan. Great photos too! I'm always one to appreciate well documented food.

Maria said...

Wow. Bing is the same. She can take a fridge with three eggs, two black olives and some whipping cream and manage to make a feast.

I am less creative. When it is my turn to cook, I just make oatmeal for everyone. We always have it in the cupboard and it is filling....

Jamey Clayberg said...

haha, if only they all turned out like those two! I may have to take a crack at some Spicy Pony Head soon. Ze pony... Spice.

Fee said...

Looking at pic No.1,...... I would be very afraid to say I was not partial to his wares!!!!!!teehee

Must admit.... those dishes look pretty good.... taste good??
I'm hungry now..... toodles!