Thursday, April 17, 2008

A quick (read: not well composed or proofed) HELLO.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.  I don't really have my usual leisurely schedule this morning for making a fresh new and colorful post.  I really need to jump up and run to town(a bigger one) and do a little belated birthday shopping for Bleu for our dinner and a movie outing tomorrow night.  

Oh, I also need to pick up a bicycle (in an even farther town) that is getting purtied up for Jamey so we can pretend to be "The Outdoorbergs" again, before the flaming heat of summer sends us running back to our computer chairs;** comfortably donning our original names " The Sedentarybergs".  

Most importantly though, I need to check in on my dear young brother-in-law who is really suffering from a sudden illness of unknown origin.   He is in the hospital with a high fever and much pain with what seemed at first like a reaction to a spider bite(recluse), but has mimicked the Malaria he has had in the past.  My hubby's family spent many years in Papua New Guinea and are no strangers to tropical invaders.  The blood tests have gone to big cities everywhere for analysis and we are extremely anxious to get a diagnosis and a treatment plan that works.  I mention this more personal bit of info as a request for prayer for our brother.  I know I have many wonderful praying friends and relatives who might join me in lifting J up to the Lord. 

And I'll get on with my day leaving a picture or two from yesterdays goings on.  I had my niece and nephews all day yesterday and they are an eyeful of deliciousness sitting on the couch here together.  I got to pretend like a homeschooler(YES!) for a few hours while the boys did some bookwork and S.Q. played with playdough .

  Then my friend Jenna and her two little button noses came over in the afternoon(I have NO photos of this portion of the day-boo) so the cousins and I ran over and grabbed Dandy early from school to get our PLAY ON!  

AHHHHH!  The sweetness of children interacting together always gets me right here(pointing at heart).  Ok, enough sappy business and on with it! 

 The last picture is the homemade instrument Ratchet had to finish with his Dad last night to turn in this morn.  It's  some sort of Bongo/ Medicine bottle percussion combo.  I hope they remembered to replace the meds with other things or Ratch'll look like a pusher! Have a good weekend ALL!  XO

** Obviously, I have no idea how to use the semi-colon.  I just put it in when my sentences get super long.  Bahha!  Sorry.


WendyJanelle said...

I will be lifting b-in-law up in prayer as well. How strange and scary!

Summer- come on! Really? Swim!! Run through the sprinkler, throw water balloons! Oh, how I love summer! Of course, spring is even better so I'm not complaining. :-)

And, hey, since you obviously know so many of the same people I know (do I actually know you??), you are invited to the firepit night on the 26th. Ask around. Someone can show you where I live, and I can meet you, and we can eat. Tab is doing worship songs for us! :-)

Maria said...

Sorry for your brother in law. Wow. Spider bites can be really weird. I was bitten when Liv was an infant and it caused me trouble off and on for years. I still wonder if there isn't some venom in there, screwing around inside of me.

And you sound like you put your craft hat on with those kids. I don't own one. I am a terrible, terrible mother about crafting. Liv has access to paper, colored pencils and glue and scissors. And that is the extent of my patience.

Shan said...

Thanks Wendy how nice of you!! I keep waiting to see which one of us knows the other one in public somewhere but I don't think I've seen you yet. :) I'll have to check my schedge and see!!!

Oh and Maria NO CRAFT HATS WERE DONNED BY ME ON THIS ONE. It's a tuffy for me to get into that stuff as well, that's why I have a crafty husband. ;) I do the book reading and non-sticky/messy tasks.

Sara said...

love the profile picture, as I know exactly why you are bent over in laughter. gotta love the hand drying machines at Noodles. They do do a number on ones hair! Are you ever going to branch out and call the Sars?? I mean to call you but then I think I don't know your cell number anymore...

Scout said...

Yikes. Brown recluses are so dangerous. I think even more dangerous than recurring malaria which can be treated without your losing a limb. Hope he gets well soon.